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  1. rullikas

    Pre-Proposal: DASH NFC POS - Advanced Festival/Event Payment Solutions

    Hi Dash community! As we know, the current problem with cryptocurrencies is the lack of real life use. Our mission is to increase usage and adoption by building a strong foundation/infrastructure that benefits everyone. Currently there is a massive global trend towards “cashless”...
  2. rullikas

    Proposal: Mass Adoption Cornerstone in Estonia and Beyond

    Hey everyone! We are starting this topic to bring attention to and to discuss the improved version of our proposal that will be the cornerstone of mass adoption in Estonia and the Baltics. To fully understand the scope and impact of this proposal, please take your time and read our proposal...
  3. rullikas

    Proposal: World’s First Dash Only Electronic Music Festival

    I Land Sound 2018 is high-quality alternative music festival in a magical and remote location on a small island hidden in the Northern Europe, Estonia. This will be the First ever crypto-only music festival the world will experience. We propose Dash to be the General partner for the festival...
  4. rullikas

    Proposal: Building Dash community in Tallinn, Estonia

    Dear Dash family, The idea for the meetup sparked during the Moontec17 (check the video here) conference. When talking to people we were asked too often where could they find more info on the subject. Inspired by that in symbiosis with communicating with the core team, we hereby would like to...
  5. rullikas

    Proposal ERROR :(

    Hello Community, I uploaded the proposal to system, here's what happened, see images below. Did I do something wrong? Can somebody please help? (Also lost 5 dash)
  6. rullikas

    Proposal: DASH Diamond Sponsorship of Tallinn Blockchain conference 4-5 December '17

    What conference? In the beginning of December, Tallinn will host the largest conference in Northern Europe: Moontec17 , devoted to blockchain technology and its implementation in various industries. Communication with the event organiser has resulted with an understanding about the options for...
  7. rullikas

    Proposal: DASH in Tallinn! Covering Baltics biggest billboard 426m2 + Ad VIDEO!

    Proposal now live: Another day in Europe’s Silicon Valley! In business district Tallinn there sits an open playground, right in between all the other big Nordic banks. Here we have people who, with expectation, would be...