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    Customize your QR with

    If you want to give your QR code a new look, then qrhacker is for you. The new QRcode is for you to give to others. The new QRcode does not go back in the wallet but it can have the same or additional information. Copy the receive address from your wallet and paste in a new QR as text...
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    Bitcoin Paypal – we just hit the mainstream!

    Source: By Marni Melrose on September 8, 2014 in Bitcoin, Payment Networ Paypal can be a way of age/ID verification for Bitcoin. Corporate participation is a good thing as it can offer the services lacking in the bitcoin infrastructure. I see this...
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    Kickstarter: Become untrackable and unhackable with UnPocket™ enabled stealth fashion. A kickstarter ending in October wishes to raise 25,000 pounds for 1984 fashion jackets with RF blocking pockets. Tardemarked the UnPocket (tm). Quoting "invisibility is a superpower" -banksy...
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    CoreOS gives you capacity, dynamically scaled and managed, similar to Google.

    Today is the release of CoreOS, relating to DigitalOcean, A masternode service provider some Darkcoiners use. Download coreOS CoreOS rasied 8...
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    Firefox OS $33 smartphones (Intex Cloud FX) for India

    Darkcoin could be listed in the Firefox app store, among few apps, available to many people.
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    >51% attack from Unknown

    Can I believe my eyes? Unknown pool was at 58% now at 56%!extraction
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    Darkcoin lanza su version rc4,
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    Major Ruling Shields Privacy of Cellphones- Wasington June 25th 2014

    Major Ruling Shields Privacy of Cellphones "WASHINGTON — In a sweeping victory for privacy rights in the digital age, the Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously ruled that the police need warrants to search...
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    Amazon S3 encrypts your objects with the custom encryption keys that you provide.

    Amazon e-mailed this to me today. Taking steps to ensure the privacy of SSE-C for free-tiers. Amazon Masternodes reach a new level of security.
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    Cryptosaur-Altcoin Ticker for Google Chrome, DRK/USD/EUR/BTC

    I found a Google Chrome app plug-in : Cryptosaur Version: 1.1.9 Updated: March 23, 2014 Size: 107KB...
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    I love my crypto depot!

    Aloha, I just became aware of this site and app called They let you buy just about anything with your Crypto. People are buying stuff easily off Amazon now with +5% . I never tried but its really cool. Unfortunatly, They do not yet accept Drk or i'd have a real use for this thing already...
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    Lost a lot of masternodes. What would be the idle Masternode Rig for many nodes?

    noticed we are down below 100 masternodes. If someone has 5k masternodes, how best to set up five masternodes with different IPs ?Will there be a Darkcoin Masternode Rig built? I want to build one. What would it take for one rig to host like high-quaility 20 masternodes...
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    Chance to vote for Darkcoin on a Poll.

    There is an [ANN] on, the Question: Which new coin should Bter adds in next week? [Ann]Vote New coins on - Which new coin should Bter add in next week? You can vote and show your support even though the ANN very old.
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    I buy only serious alts.

    I like these Darkcoins and where the headed. Steadily down which is its great to have a stable price above entry even if its sinking a little. Although we don't want to close the doors too soon like bitcoin, Accepting Darkcoin at these prices is a fanominal incentive for merchants. Lets not be...
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    New convert to the "dark-side"

    Hi, I am new here and have the same internet handel on bitcointalk. org I see Bitcoin as a test run for a CCs as well as the progenitor of them all. The fact that the Bitcoin blockchain is unencrypted proves it is only a demo. A bit like playing cards with the faces open to learn the rules...