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  1. Raico

    I think the big think may happen after RC6----DarkTor

    My Dear DRK mate, I'm very glade i have take part in this great project, especially on its beginning phase. We have, is and will continue to create a lots of the "first" in the crypto world. No mention the GREAT DEV TEAM, the community~ I've joined in the RC4 testing and will be there in the...
  2. Raico

    After posting a testing report.......

    After posting a testing report, which you can find here:#681 As for an investor, here is what i'm doing~
  3. Raico

    Just got banned by the Bitcointalk....

    What a ridiculer that happen in bitcointalk: Troller and Fudester are craw in the thread. But the people who fight for the right get banned.... But it's ok~ No a big deal at all. :wink: