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    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    Blackcoin - There new blackhalo features seem outstanding, im planning on increasing my holdings here. It would be nice to see drk do something similar cloakcoin vericoin viacoin - strted mining this coin, This coin is...
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    Report of C-CEX situation with DRK because of feb, 23 accident.

    C-cex. As an outsider just kind of following this thread. Your in a bad situation, and it doesn't seem as though your plan to address it is helping. Firstly I would say you probably should have tried to handle this on a more personal level then posts on public threads. I know if someone lost my...
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    Cool stuff for crypto fans

    New quantum cryptography scheme for anonymous transactions cool read check it out. here Im sure most ppl here are probably familiar with this guy All Hail the BlockChain Enjoy
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    Beginners experience with mining

    Forgive my poor grammer please!!!
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    Beginners experience with mining

    As somone new to the the crypto world as a whole, and probably one of the least tech savy people here i just wanted to share a few thoughts and links that helped me get started. First off i want to thank everyone involved with the forum it has a a wealth of info and, was one of the first places...
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    I would tend to agree with dogreenmon, while the dollar has its issues its still the world reserve currency at the moment, and with its popularity im sure the USD conversion makes it easy on crypto newbies like myself to quickly identify the actual price of an item. so I would stick with the...
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    Like it or not at this stage I the game a strong black market means a strong dark coin, and that was one of the main reasons I decided to go with dark coin when I decided I wanted to start mining.
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    Need a bit of help AMD Radeon HD 5700

    I couldn't get a standard sgminer to work either. I get the same share above target error. There is a GUI sgminer at that has been working well for me. You will have to edit your Start batch file in the...