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    Sido & Savas - HODLN

    Dash kommt auch vor ;) Kool Savas wäre doch ein guter Markenbotschafter für Dash in Deutschland....
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    Mysterium VPN powered by Blockchain

    That sound like a good idea. It tries to combine the principle of the Tor network with a commercial VPN provider. The people/companies which provide nodes get paid for doing so.
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    Electrum DASH LINUX client

    Any news on the new version of the Electrum Dash Linux client? When will it be released? I need it urgently! Thanks!
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    iOS app: we need it now!!

    Hey guys, What is the status of the iOS app? As Dash is now integrated in the JAXX iOS app, it is safe to assume, that Apple will not reject a DASH wallet if you guys submit one. There was a Dash wallet based on breadwallet. Is it still available? Will it be submitted to Apple app store...
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    Social Network with End-To-End-Encryption

    Whispeer: Ok, they have to work on their design a bit, but I like the idea of having a "Facebook with E2EE". Check it out.