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    Reversible DASH payment on websites

    You can provide Reversible DASH payment on your websites and earn commission. The solution can be experienced in
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    Dash integration library in PHP

    Check the link to dash integration ( The repo Bitcoin-PHP is an implementation of Bitcoin with support for Dash using mostly pure PHP.
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    is there a way for an US company to pay with dash istead of using swift?

    It is legal(normally) to send and receive for work using DASH or bitcoin (limited amounts). I used to send to SF. Then they used to exchange to USD in coinbase.
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    Dash reversible payment marketing

    I have a DASH reversible payment technology. I call it a R-Address. I would like to apply for funding to give incentive to users who signup. I need about 100 DASH. I plan to give 10$ worth of incentive for each user who signs with my DASH wallet with the fund given. The web link to try my...