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  1. Adam Holub

    Pre-Proposal: CannTrade going National (and beyond) w/ Dash

    Hi guys! This is a big one, but we're going after an enormous opportunity with a high chance of success. Note--there are some references to videos in this document, but they are not currently included. Those will be embedded in the official proposal to be posted later this month. As always...
  2. Adam Holub

    Proposal: Dash + CannTrade + Alt36

    Good day! Our proposal has been posted here: Manually vote on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole): gobject vote-many 4acfc1520f9d1d3f5edda10a6f6b69b9d7251d99e9f0589224e64b3b2255fd38 funding yes We'd greatly...
  3. Adam Holub

    Dash + CannTrade + Alt Thirty Six [Project Update 10/31/17]

    Monthly Updates: October Update - 10/31/17 CannTrade Pre-Proposal Document: CannTrade...
  4. Adam Holub

    Los Angeles Meetups?

    Hi! Are there any good LA meetups someone can kindly direct me to? Thanks in advance!