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  1. Arthyron

    Dash DAO Governance Improvement Discussion

    I was asked to transfer the points I was making about the problems with the current state and model of the Dash DAO's Governance system and ways it can be improved from Discord to the Forum for posterity. Feel free to discuss such matters in this thread: "Probably no single post contains all...
  2. Arthyron

    Rename Dash Core Group

    I'm aware that this happens frequently, but what I'm saying is that I do not believe that the frequency with which this occurs really correlates or contributes to FUD regarding perceived centralization. I think the two are unrelated or at least non-causal in nature. I do agree that education and...
  3. Arthyron

    Rename Dash Core Group

    I really don't see why so many people are bent out of shape about people misunderstanding Ryan's position within the network. I think it's great that the professionalism of DCG is often people's first exposure to Dash and that they do a fantastic job of representing the network in that capacity...
  4. Arthyron

    What's this Trust Protector thing all about? Let's meet them and chat about Dash stuff.

    I too am running for one of the six Trust Protector positions. I've been following the developments of the industry since before the "10,000 BTC" Pizza event in 2010. Toward the end of 2013 I decided it was time to actually get involved in the industry hands-on and a friend and I set out to to...
  5. Arthyron

    ***Attention: Pre-Proposals Moved to Dash Nexus***

    With the recent launch of Dash's new governance platform, Dash Nexus, the creation of Pre-Proposals has been reimagined from the ground up in to the creation of "Concepts," which serve as the rough draft for what could eventually become a full proposal submitted to the treasury. Unlike the...
  6. Arthyron

    Buy with discounts in Dash, 2 Cities Valencia and Los Teques Venezuela

    Merchants may not want to hand over all of their receipts or invoices, and their customers may not want their personal information revealed either. I would encourage you to pursue different solutions to this problem. I don't know how regulations are in Venezuela, but that might violate them in...
  7. Arthyron

    DashUP: potential to get +10000 Dash Users or more

    I think it's a good idea. As I understand it, the new version of will be launching soon, sometime early next month last I heard, and it should eventually--if not immediately--have a prominent section about our new Dapp platform.
  8. Arthyron

    EletroPay POS + SIGN Solution

    @Rod Ambrissi -- Hello and thank you for your pre-proposal. With the Treasury budget being what it is as the market continues to decline, competition for funds will be fierce, but this is a really great project and one I will gladly support. Whether or not this project receives funding, I will...
  9. Arthyron

    DashUP: potential to get +10000 Dash Users or more

    @GarciaGil -- Hello, and thank you for your Pre-Proposal. Indeed, what Unstoppable says is what I was going to say. The upcoming changes to Dash will make this much easier and more efficient, but it wouldn't hurt to get a head start on creating your version of this program so that you can be...
  10. Arthyron

    Buy with discounts in Dash, 2 Cities Valencia and Los Teques Venezuela

    @rjjerez -- Hello, and thank you for your pre-proposal. Incentivizing merchant usage with subsidized discounts is sometimes a viable strategy, but moreso when the Treasury budget is not so tight, it would be hard to justify this kind of expenditure in current market conditions. You'll also want...
  11. Arthyron

    DASH FOR EMPLOYEES-Dash Maracay-Venezuela

    @wgollini -- Hello, and thank you for your pre-proposal. As you have rightly identified, it's not enough to onboard merchants to create a living Dash ecosystem, people have to have ways of obtaining Dash that don't rely on them being able to navigate exchanges and other complex systems. Being...
  12. Arthyron

    ABEE Pre-Proposal: Dash Integrated Rideshare App

    Hello, @ABEE , and thank you for your Pre-Proposal. I was wondering if/when we might hear from you, as you seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the NBC Segment on Dash a few months back, seemingly fully-formed and having already integrated Dash on your platform. Obviously you know what you're in...
  13. Arthyron

    Pre-Proposal: Modular Networking Backend for Dash Core

    Hello, @ol, and thank you for your pre-proposal. This is a very interesting project, and quite ambitious for one person, but I can see the value in it, especially for the cost described. I played around with I2P a few years back, but at the time there just wasn't much happening with it, and I...
  14. Arthyron

    Pre-proposal: Dash BE (Business Evaluation)

    @Dash Business Evaluation - Yes, it's much like a business, but it is also much, much more. There are reasons for funding various proposals that may not have any demonstrable ROI, for example, but may none the less accomplish important goals for the DAO. For the projects where ROI is important...
  15. Arthyron

    Pre-proposal: Dash BE (Business Evaluation)

    Hello, @Dash Business Evaluation , and thank you for your pre-proposal. This is actually something that several of us have been talking about for quite some time. Dash Watch has been indispensable where honest and accurate reporting and better oversight are concerned, but due to the very...
  16. Arthyron

    Dash for Cash? It’s Coming (Pre-proposal)

    Hello, and thank you for your Pre-Proposal. It seems like the integration of your API and exchange protocol with the BTMs will be a very potent way for users to access and trade cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies. The way that bridges disparate sources like hardware wallets with...
  17. Arthyron

    Very realistic look @ what Dash is as a product in 2018?

    As per the Dash Core Group Q2 call: and Q2 Business Development Strategy call: , there have been a few particular ideal markets/use cases for Dash in its current form (to say little to nothing about Dash's expanded capabilities post-Evolution).
  18. Arthyron

    Pre Proposal: Dash Network Smart ATMs Powered by Vault Logic

    Hello, and thank you for your Pre-Proposal. We've had a bittersweet relationship with ATM-based projects in the past, but the advanced capabilities and funding model and opportunities associated with your proposal are certainly a cut above what we've dealt with so far. Could you elaborate on the...
  19. Arthyron

    D.E.E.P. A formalised Protocol for the DAO - Part 2 (The Protocol)

    @toknormal -- Here I'll include some additional thoughts as they relate to your sections and sub-sections: 0.4.1 - The Nexus crew are working on the inclusion of some additional functionalities built in to the platform and potentially through added, trustless mechanisms to open up the...
  20. Arthyron

    D.E.E.P. A formalised Protocol for the DAO - Part 1 (Opinion and background)

    @toknormal -- I've been meaning to respond to these for some time now, but just now getting around to it. I absolutely agree with your assessment of the problems the DAO faces, as well as the incredibly complex and nuanced nature of navigating the DAO and its responsibilities, as well as the...
  21. Arthyron

    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    Just to clarify, while the exact details are still in flux, the capacity of the network to hold equity is definitely going to come in to play with the solidification of Dash Ventures, which will be a parallel organization based in Cayman Islands with that capability. Currently, Dash is seeking a...
  22. Arthyron

    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    @ThirtySix -- Hello, and thank you for your pre-proposal. Most of the more significant questions have already been asked by others or in the compilation to which you responded. Some additional questions I had: 1. I was looking over the deck for the Weed Experience and noticed a number of A and...
  23. Arthyron

    Budget Proposal Discussion : Introducing a significant change of scope

    I've already strongly indicated that I'm vehemently opposed to this kind of action and believe that such an action should be launched as its own separate proposal so that the will of the network can be accurately discerned and unfair/disingenuous leverage cannot be applied to its outcome.
  24. Arthyron

    100,000 Views on Youtube Reviewing Dash

    Hello, @Blake, and thank you for your pre-proposal. This is a proposal that is probably better served by Dashboost once the next funding cycle is up and going, but I think it's worthwhile. Historically our funding of youtube ads and paying various groups to make videos has not been remotely cost...
  25. Arthyron

    Poker Night in America | Dash Partnership Proposal

    @ericools -- Thank you for your pre-proposal. In the past, we've actually sponsored advertising in the Poker world already, as documented by Craig Mason's journey to the world's first Crypto Poker tournament: as well as coverage and exposure during the World Series of Poker. It was a pretty...
  26. Arthyron

    Would you like to see Dash Watch evaluate proposals?

    Certainly, I don't mean to suggest the two can never interact. Undoubtedly whatever group that ends up assessing proposals should draw from the data acquired and collated by DW just like anyone else who wants to assess proposals. As it stands, any community member can *request* data from DW or...
  27. Arthyron

    Pre-Proposal: The Dash Dollar

    @Ricardo Temporal -- Thank you for your pre-proposal. This is an idea that comes up now and then. The community seems to have a lot of disparate opinions about initiatives like these. While it's clear that merchants need something stable and non-volatile in which to transact, a lot of people...
  28. Arthyron

    Proposal idea - About hospital health

    @Douglas Sodré -- Thank you for your idea. Just so you're aware, this should probably be in the "Pre-Proposal" section of the forum. What do you feel the advantages would be of bringing cryptocurrency in general and Dash in particular to the healthcare industry? What sort of use case are you...
  29. Arthyron

    Would you like to see Dash Watch evaluate proposals?

    @AshFrancis -- I've actually discussed this with other MNOs and members of DW, and so far the consensus has been that DW does a very important job, and it's important for the job that they do to continue to be impartial and non-editorial in nature. That being said, there are people among both...
  30. Arthyron

    Create awareness for Dash in Iran (one Persian website+a tutorial article+7 subtitled videos)

    @Saleh -- Hello and thank you for your pre-proposal. This sounds like a great initiative, and it bodes well for you that you've already done a lot of work within the ecosystem on your own time. I think Iran would be a great place for Dash to explore for the reasons that you mentioned as well as...
  31. Arthyron

    DASH Sponsorship of the movie Crypto, a feature-film about Bitcoin

    It's often said here that "a rising tide lifts all boats," but despite the massive amount of our treasury we've spent on marketing relative to other projects in this space, we've seen little comparative ROI, even in terms of network effects. Marketing has seemed to be our least effective means...
  32. Arthyron

    DASH-CASH adapter/emulator. Pre-proposal. What do you think about?

    I believe this is meant to stay in Pre-Proposal until it is funded as an ongoing proposal. That's how it usually works anyway.
  33. Arthyron

    Pre-Proposal Dash Nexus Cont.

    @DashNexus -- Thank you for your pre-proposal. As far as I'm concerned, beyond Dash Core Group's ramp-up to the release of Evolution, this is probably the most critical project for the future of Dash as a whole, as it is poised to mitigate so many problems inherent to the treasury and voting...
  34. Arthyron

    Pre-proposal: DASH mining on green agenda + extra profit

    @Hiand - Very interesting. Have you given any thought to security measures and risk associated with NFC devices (i.e. thieves walking around with NFC readers ,etc)? Do transactions have to be confirmed, and if so, is there some sort of button or is the e-ink display touch screen? What would you...
  35. Arthyron

    Evaluation TOOL for MASTERNODES

    Hello, @Grupo.certus and thank you for this submission. In previous proposals and pre-proposals we've discussed the possibility of applying rubrics and other more formal, mechanical tools of assessment to proposals, and this has been met with mixed responses. Sometimes it's tough to precisely...
  36. Arthyron

    Pre-Proposal –Tabasco, México / Indie Music Festival DASH

    @Jorge Olivé -- Thank you for your pre-proposal. While these sorts of festivals don't offer a particularly high return on investment themselves, they often serve as networking platforms by which more and larger interests find their way to Dash as we've seen with several other festival-related...
  37. Arthyron

    We need a payment processor native

    It's not yet clear, but the "missing" components you're talking about here could potentially be fulfilled by Dash Ventures. Hopefully we'll know more about the parameters of DV soon!
  38. Arthyron

    Pre-proposal: DASH mining on green agenda + extra profit

    Very interesting technology. I think that NFC payments are going to become increasingly popular over the next few years. Could you tell us more about how this wallet functions, what its limitations are (e.g. which currencies it works with, battery life, security features, etc). I noticed there...
  39. Arthyron

    Core Team Proposals (Funding October 1st)

    This wasn't the result of a formal vote, but as I recall from informal discussions with various community members after it became clear we were in a bear market, just an FYI. I believe some traces of it can be found in some of the very lengthy discussions in both DC and other places in the Forum...
  40. Arthyron

    Pre-Proposal: DASH NFC POS - Advanced Festival/Event Payment Solutions

    @rullikas -- Thank you for your pre-proposal. Your team has done a great job of solving problems as they arise and the challenges of adapting to working within the Dash ecosystem. From your last proposal, it seems like your NFC solution was a great success, and this is evidenced by the interest...