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    In terms of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is a cuddly little Panda bear, and darkcoin is a stealthy ninj

    "You can no longer uninvent that like you cannot uninvent electricity or thermodynamics. When you have fragmentation and isolation in the natural world, it causes evolution to accelerate. If you take a country like Russia and they decide to ban Bitcoin, you will see the evolution of highly...
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    Funding multiple masternodes with one TX?

    I funded multiple masternodes with one TX. The TX had multiple outputs of 1000 drk, and I imported the private keys, 1 key for each masternode. I can only get one of the masternodes to work. Is that because all of them have the same source transaction funding them?
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    Masternode not on list

    Ok, I setup 1 masternode and after much trial and error, its working and on the list! Masternode #1 is working. So I created a snapshot of this droplet (on DigitalOcean) and cloned it to a new box to setup Masternode #2. So Masternode #2 is a clone of #1 and #1 is working fine and showing up on...