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  1. gch

    v0.10.15.x Testing

    I got the following from the debug log after mining for some time on the p2pool 2014-10-14 20:46:09 CheckBlock() : Couldn't find masternode payment(0) or payee(1). 2014-10-14 20:46:09 ERROR: CheckBlock() : Couldn't find masternode payment or payee At that point the pool stopped sending work to...
  2. gch

    v0.10.15.x Testing

    P2Pool - I had to only change p2pool\bitcoin\ line 22 to version=70042,
  3. gch

    just for fun

    hehe nice ;)
  4. gch

    Updated Pools running (Paying Masternode Payments)

    Heya, p2pool stratum+tcp:// is updated to 9.11.04
  5. gch

    Hashing Speeds

    7 x Sapphire R9 270 BOOST&OC mining with sph-sgminer. "api-port": "4028", "api-listen": true, "api-allow": "W:", "failover-only" : true, "no-pool-disable": true, "no-submit-stale" : true, "kernel-path": "/usr/local/bin", "kernel": "darkcoin", "xintensity" : "400", "vectors" ...