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  1. Mark R

    Dash + CannTrade + Alt Thirty Six [Project Update 10/31/17]

    Hey everyone, Below is a link to the pre-proposal for the HWY Brand launch road trip. This is one several major brands that are using CannTrade and onboard with utilizing Dash coin as soon as possible to handle their wholesale transactions. HWY Brand is licensed to cultivate, manufacture...
  2. Mark R

    Pre-Proposal: HWY Brand Road Trip

    Incentives to Promote Dash All wholesale buyers will be rewarded with a 2 for 1 deal ONLY if they purchase using Dash. A Dash ATM will be available on-site to make paying using Dash extremely easy. We expect many purchasers to make their initial transaction in Dash, and the 2 for 1 promotion...
  3. Mark R

    Pre-Proposal: HWY Brand Road Trip

    Proposal Summary: Original Document - Google Drive Link The HWY Bar Road Trip project will promote the adoption of Dash in high-volume California cannabis retail locations. The project will coincide with the launch...
  4. Mark R

    When would you sell your Dash masternode owner?

    I don't see how you determine when to sell because correct me if I am wrong but the higher the value of dash coin the more $ the MNs will receive every month. Ideally the coin reaches $2,000,000 and the MNs are crushing it. So my vote is "Never"
  5. Mark R

    The Great American Pilgrimage TV Show Trailer - Powered By DASH

    Hey Mark, Awesome name :), I look forward to checking out the road The GAP. When will it be released?
  6. Mark R

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello Everyone, I am excited to learn more about Dash.