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    PoW Phase Period: January 30th 2016 to August 17 2016 (FINISHED) PoS Phase Period: August 17 2016 to Forever Block Time: 60 Seconds with retargeting every block (approx. 1440 blocks per day) PoW Phase Max Coin Supply: 43,199,500 PoW Algorithm: Quark PoW Block Reward: [block# 2-151200] 250 PIV...
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    Proposal: The Dash Times

    Introduction The Dash Times, formerly known as DashPayMagazine has come a long way since launching in February 2016. In less than one year we’ve grown quite a bit averaging around 15,000 unique pageviews per month. Currently our facebook page has 810 ‘likes’, Google+ 1056 followers and Twitter...
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    Pre Proposal: The Dash Times

    Proposal September 2016 Introduction Dash Times, formerly known as DashPayMagazine has come a long way since launching in February 2016. In less than one year we have grown so much averaging around 15,000 unique pageviews per month. Currently, our facebook page has 810 ‘likes’, Google+ 1056...
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    Jaxx Adds Dash - TDT

    Jaxx Wallet Adds Dash Support - The Dash Times: The multi-platform wallet released an update today for its app, allowing users the option of storing Dash in their wallet.
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    The Dash Times -

    The Dash Times formerly known as Dashpay Magazine is the most trusted and respected online destination for information about the DASH (Digital Cash) and digital currency industry. We have made a move from our old domain to because: Elimination of "pay" in...
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    THE DASH CAST: Monthly Dash Podcast

    THE DASHCAST is a monthly podcast that will be a monthly roundup of all things Dash: Price updates and the statistics worth taking note of, with amazing guests every month. Host: Bill Cassidy is a well-known member of the community the formal host of the Dash Roundtable and Darq Podcast and...
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    Dashpay Magazine: Poll 1

    Sine inception has had great feedback from the community and traffic has been super so far. In order to guide the sort of content we create and to help us understand the needs of the community we will be organizing several polls across the coming weeks. These polls will...
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    WTT Advertise with Dash on Dashpay Magazine

    Dashpay Magazine accepts sponsorship for goods/services/ideas which: 1. Are available to anyone 2. Have to do with Dash/Cryptocurrency Would you like to advertise with Dash? Dashpay Magazine is one of the most recognized media entities in the digital cash sector. Dashpay Magazine Advertisment...
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    Is anyone interested in writing/producing content on Dashpay Magazine

    Hello Dashers, Elisha here. I have been running the Dashpay Magazine for almost a month now and the response has been amazing but with our vision and mission we will need a collective effort to make DPM the go to site for all things Dash. Due to this we are looking for: Writers: Individuals who...
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    DASH Magazine: Decentralized Everything On One Medium

    DASHPAY MAGAZINE is a new blog based on DASH as a digital currency and other projects affiliated to DASH. Our mission is to write articles that educate and attract people to get into dash, we will also investigate on ways to get DASH on top of the cryptocurrency race at the same time providing...
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    Are there any great DASH blogs?

    Am new here and I am pretty excited about DASH I have a little bit of writing background I would like to start writing on DASH. I would like to start a blog personally but before that I would like to ask if there are any amazing DASH blogs around.