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  1. c3works

    Treasury Balance and Cashflows

    With MN's now running, how do I track the treasury balance and cash flows (in and out)? Need some context to evaluate proposals. Thanks.
  2. c3works

    Broke first MN adding a second and push script

    noob here (and noobier by the minute now) - set up 1 mn fine. was running as seen in Dashcentral and CLI return msg. Then I set up a second MN and loaded the suggested push script thinking I was following the hosted README.txt instructions - now both MN's are down :( --- I verified the cron job...
  3. c3works

    1000 Dash for MN

    I'm setting up a MN using my Dash-QT. I recently emptied that wallet of funds, except for some small residual value 0.0004..., or something. My question is: If I send my 1000 Dash (exactly) to my 0 address in this wallet, will the network look to the 'exact' value of the transaction I send (and...