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  1. blockhead

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Dash WooCommerce Plugin

    Thanks @Minotaur I'll do that and get it set up soon :)
  2. blockhead

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Dash WooCommerce Plugin

    @nmarley So I was getting ready to add Dash to the Woocommerce shop on my Wordpress site. Is this project still a good way to go?
  3. blockhead

    Wachsman PR - Dash PR Agency

    @kot From the Dec 13 report, it looks like these two items have been completed. Would it be possible to see what the messaging framework and strategy is? Or whatever parts of it you are able to share? [STRATEGY] - Developed a complete analysis on Dash’s overall messaging concluded with the...
  4. blockhead

    Dash to Bank the Unbanked

    Setting up a local Dash ecosystem in a place that really needs it is a good way to drive adoption. I like the idea of the proposal.
  5. blockhead

    Proposal: Conference Materials

    I might have to attend the conference to see what it's like. You're probably right that pens and bags would be useful, also. As long as they aren't crappy pens that fall apart after a few days. What I meant by tokens is something that would generate post award engagement. For example, a poker...
  6. blockhead

    Proposal: Conference Materials

    I'd recommend not buying giveaways like bags and pens. People just take those and you don't get anything from them. If you can give something away that will make someone take action, that would be more helpful. For example, if it were possible to create a token redeemable online for 0.5 Dash...