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    WTB I Want To Buy As Much Darkcoin or 'Dash' as Possible

    You'll have to prize it from my cold dead hands!
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    Any future job offers for an ex felon getting released in 2017?

    The good news is that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, your growing skills will help you get a foothold in any fledgling community once the tinned foods start running out. Of course if you're in prison, and the apocalypse happens, you're pretty much screwed, unless someone turns up with the...
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    v0.11.0 - Darkcoin Core Release

    That's worrying, I saw that note about enforcement being on too (just forgot where I saw it), and I've not had a payment since the 18th... Something is up, although I can't blame people for opting out of paying if they can get away with it, I can't endorse it as a MN Op.
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    Coinfire, honest journalism?

    He really does have it in for GAW, I hold some XPY (sold enough to purchase a DRK MN) as I was with GAW for several months (started with Scrypt hardware, which was all fine, even had units shipped, still am generating some through their stakers and a few hundred GH of SHA sending me dribbles of...
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    Multiple MNs on one VPS

    Just wondering what the benefit (other than financial) to running more than one MN on a server is? Seems putting more in one place is a bad thing, I like to see more hosted in various data centers round the world, the more we put in Amazon/Vultr/<popular place> seems like a bit of a bad idea.
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    Mirrors of on Masternodes?

    Is it worth doing this? Personally I don't have a problem with cloning the site and hosting it on my server, but I think there are search engine ranking implications (bad) for copy/pasting sites. Generally exact duplicates of a site are considered a bad thing and penalised.
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    Quick Checkup for MN Setup (plus a few questions!)

    Thanks oblox it's all done now, and my node is appearing on!
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    Quick Checkup for MN Setup (plus a few questions!)

    Hi all, sorry my first time posting, have been lurking in the background but not found a reason to register till now. I have a few questions before I finalize my setup (have the DRK ready to send, but I'm wary of doing so till I'm sure nobody will just swipe my coins!). Wallets on local...