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  1. RealBitcoinClub

    Moderators abuse

    I was recently banned from the Discord Channel "Dash Talk", after speaking out against Moderator harassment/abuse on Twitter. Yes, I was banned from a totally different communication channel, for speaking out on another one. To be more specific, I was reporting that the Moderator AgnewPickens...
  2. RealBitcoinClub

    I would love to see a DASH proposal system that makes it easier for smaller proposals to be funded

    I would love to see a DASH proposal system that makes it easier for smaller proposals to be funded than for these who want a big share of the treasury, to improve decentralization & transparency.
  3. RealBitcoinClub

    Pre-proposal staking system (Dash Boost 2.0)

    What if we had a system that would allow the DASH community members to stake proposals that they like? So that anyone could put up a pre-proposal free of cost and then the community members could decide if they wanted to stake one of these proposals to bring it into the voting cycle. These...
  4. RealBitcoinClub

    DASH Quality Assurance

    Hi MNOs & DASH community! My name is Feliz, I have been involved in Bitcoin since $130. I am actively promoting merchant adoption since December 2017. I have personally invited 500+ individuals & 100+ merchants to participate in our community. I am also developing various (open-source) DASH &...
  5. RealBitcoinClub

    Dash Text Quality Assurance

    1) Regarding the charity, very very few children in Venezuela have phones, how do they make purchases? 2) Based on the following figures, it seems there is very little use of Dash Text outside of the charity program: The charity website says you have received $3725 The total count of DashText...
  6. RealBitcoinClub

    *BITCOIN LEAKS* BCH and DASH merchant investigation in Caracas, Venezuela

    1. I took the camera and went to a commercial center in Caracas, Venezuela. 2. I visited every single of the supposedly 21 shops accepting BCH and also these accepting DASH. 3. I took many interviews and I grabbed many videos... The last video of that series is published on Instagram already...
  7. RealBitcoinClub

    Layout bugs

    Both screenshots contain layout bugs. Android 5.0 LG-K100
  8. RealBitcoinClub

    Pre-proposal: 100 merchants on the canary islands

    Hi DASH community. Chili (the dog) and I have created the first bitcoin neighborhood in Barcelona as we introduced BCH and BTC to 37 shops without using any payment processor. We created The Real Bitcoin Club in January to achieve real life adoption for bitcoin. First i programmed an app...