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    Ugh trapped in Ethereum

    I bought Ether on Poloniex and sent it to a paper wallet with a priv key. Now i dunno how to get in on Poloniex again :( The Mist GUI wallet is just plain weird to handle. I dont think i understand the whole contract stuff. Who can help me get it on Poloniex again? thx!
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    After stable for months, now i get POSscore 1

    Can somebody check this log? After months of stable masternoding with POS score 0, my MN now jumps into POS 1 sometimes, Restarting it helps. Happened 2x now. I already did a full rebuild of all the files made by dashd. I only kept dash.conf. -Its on a Raspberry PI2 btw, with RAM to spare. CPU...
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    Masternode On Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    ****OUTDATED**** This guide is NOT up to date with version 12.1. Besides raspberry pi builds can be downloaded from straight from the website so compiling is no longer needed. I do not recommend the pi as a masternode just yet. I got 30 to 60mb ram left of 1gb which is next to nothing. NOOBIES...