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    accidentally tried to double spent, and coins disappeared.

    Hi guys... I need little help. I just sent some dark to my mobile wallet, but they got 0 confirmation. I suspect, the issue is I sent it before my wallet synced and possibly some of those darks spent prior to that transaction. In short, I was trying to double spend. How do I bring those drks...
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    Enforcements OFF?

    I been still skipping payments on my MNs. 4 out of 6 MN did not get paid for 4+ days which indicates another (actually 4) skipped payments. On top of that, my newest MN not paid for 7+ days. This happened to 2 other MN. Is this due to enforcements being off? Someone mentioned on Bitcointalk...
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    Masternode payment variance- my second MN not getting paid 7+ days

    My first MN did not get paid almost 7 days(6 days and 21 hours.) days at one point. Then It started get paid regularly. XjCwaGgoA43SpVw1sWdsmA3gL8DCM1sjL2 Then I got another MN. It has been 7 days and 4 hours. Did anyone had an issue like this? I am about to move the 1000drk to a new address...
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    How do I send DARK, but not touch my 1000DRK that link to masternode?

    SO I have a DARK address and sent 1000DRK in 1 shot. But then got paid twice and now I have 1003.6 dark. How can I send 3.6 dark but dont touch to that original 1000DRK that assigned to MN?
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    Guide for running multiple wallets instances in same OS

    With this guide, you can run multiple wallet in same OS using the same block chain. Let me know what you guys think...