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    Vultr multiple masternodes

    So I finally got around to consolidating my MN local wallets into a single wallet today. Works great. Now I'd like to consolidate my Vultr MN VPS's. I'm currently running each MN on a separate VPS. I can't find a good guide on how to do this. I have multiple IP's on a VPS, but not sure...
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    Masternodes constantly going offline

    I have had two MN running for quite a while with no issues to speak of. Since I've updated to 11.X they have been amazingly unstable and I have no idea why. By unstable, I mean they keep falling off the MN list. darkcoind is still running on my VPS, the VPS is up and was always up, but the...
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    Master Node not paid - 4+ days. Normal?

    So I started a new master node 4+ days ago and still awaiting 1st payment. I thought this was well outside the normal variance so thought I'd ask if something may be going wrong that I'm not aware of. My master node pub key is Xo8tvj8CKsNaYJARrx3aUSxp7W3XY5mgQd. All indications are that my...