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  1. foxtrot

    Dash Core Group Q3 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 14 November 2019

    What progress has been made with Shift PR?
  2. foxtrot

    Antivirus deleting 'miner' file

    I got the following response from BitDefender Support: We also detect the bitcoin qt as Application.MAC.Miner because they both have an option to mine within it. You can access it by going into the terminal and writing "generate *". Because of that we consider it a potentially unwanted...
  3. foxtrot

    Antivirus deleting 'miner' file

    I have replied to BitDefender about the issue and provided your instructions to examine the source code. I'm not sure if the same occurs with Bitcoin-Qt although I have mentioned in the email that one exception should apply to both in regards to friendly miners. I have also passed on your...
  4. foxtrot

    Antivirus deleting 'miner' file

    I have been using BitDefender Antivirus for my Mac for a few months as it has some of the best reviews and one of the largest user bases, although I have been having an issue running the Dash Core wallet with their software installed. I contacted BitDefender about the issue and it remains...
  5. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: Making Dash the Default Payment Method for vCommerce & Boosting the Merchant Count

    I'm a fan of this proposal, although I believe that in the current environment many MNs are likely to vote much more favorably for familiar projects that have proven track records which all-in-all may consume a large chunk of the budget. If there are funds remaining to be allocated to other...
  6. foxtrot

    Dash Core Group Q2 2018 Summary Call - 10 August 2018

    Have critical price levels over the span of specific timeframes been identified that would be expected to have an immediate impact on DCG's operations due to insufficient funding? Is there a contingency plan for further unforeseen contractions in the market beyond the temporary buffer that is...
  7. foxtrot

    What's Going on at Dash?

    Core are pioneering a radically transformative platform, and they need our ongoing support. They are diligent individuals and want to get it right the first time as much anybody else. Yes it’s a big deal, which also translates to a big job, and big jobs will always be easier said than done...
  8. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: Connect DASH to Mass-Market Consumers in US

    I am quite interested in your proposal, and there has already been a good comment made about Science regarding this proposal among masternode discussions in the community from someone who is familiar with them. Thanks for submitting a pre-proposal, incase you are unaware we currently have a...
  9. foxtrot

    House of Nakamoto partnership with DASH

    We need to demand real data from proposal owners. Realistic numbers are far more impressive than pie in the sky figures even if they are less, transparency is key.
  10. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal (Frame 48 – Starting from Scratch – Devaluation funding)

    Terrific work! I trust that you will be fairly compensated for your efforts from the network giving the circumstances. Looking forward to the release, and it is also very likely that you will receive continued support for further projects that you may chose to undertake in the future.
  11. foxtrot

    Project Constellation: A Consumer-Focused Dash Explainer Video

    Terrific content so far, keep it up! Got my vote.
  12. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: DASH & Collective Evolution Partnership To Grow DASH & Educate Masses About DASH

    @Collective Evolution I would like to inform you that it can be difficult to get an approximate gauge even in the pre-proposals phase here as to how the masternodes will vote. We are only 3 (maybe 4) masternode owners/operators that have commented so far out of potentially upwards of thousands...
  13. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: DASH & Collective Evolution Partnership To Grow DASH & Educate Masses About DASH

    I know where you are coming from although even if they wrote an article about the Flying Spaghetti Monster I would probably be amused but not the slightest compelled to believe it. For the most part their content is quite interesting (to me atleast) and if any of their articles come off as airy...
  14. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: DASH & Collective Evolution Partnership To Grow DASH & Educate Masses About DASH

    @solarguy have you ever refused to buy a newspaper because it has an astrology section in the back? I'm sure even the New York Times has also published quite a number of articles on aliens, vegan diets and astrology over the years... I have somewhat followed Collective Evolution for a while now...
  15. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Youth Venezuela - Lectures about DASH in Schools and Universities of Caracas.

    I would vote yes for this proposal and I believe many others would too!
  16. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: Video Development for Commercial Promotion of DASH

    I was actually considering the same thing, although so many factors are pinning on the release of Evolution that it seems to be stalling momentum in some projects. The question is how do we keep the wheels in motion during this transition? One solution would be to release a series of videos as...
  17. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: Video Development for Commercial Promotion of DASH

    In my opinion we are lacking quality video content for marketing. Maybe core had something in mind for a later date but they are so focused on other things that it doesn’t seem likely to take a high priority on their list at the moment, and these productions take time... We have channels for...
  18. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: Video Development for Commercial Promotion of DASH

    It’s a bit small but I was able to zoom in quite easily. Would be better to have it enlarged though if possible.. Mainly the budget part.
  19. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: Video Development for Commercial Promotion of DASH

    I agree we need to produce a collection of high quality videos, especially those that demonstrate real life use cases of Dash that people can relate to. I for one would vote yes for such a proposal. This aligns well with current marketing campaigns from Core, Feedbands and Strike Social. If the...
  20. foxtrot

    Pre-Proposal: UK Dash To Fiat Exchange & Marketing Integration

    Very impressed with this proposal and the apparent professionalism of the team! I will certainly vote yes on this one.