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    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    It is extraordinary to to Venezuela being a pioneer nation of Dash community. Well done!
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    DASH Hub Africa: Pan Africa Expansion and Classic Conference+Merchants Drive (Exclusively DASH)

    @UltimateCrypto I'm glad to see the progresses that you are achieving through this project! Congratulations
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    Dash Medellín / Dash Colombia: 12 meetups, 250 new wallets, merchants, remittances & more

    Congratulations George! Big changes are happening in Colombia, and your efforts represent a main stream of these changes. The best of lucks, Estigui
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    Proposal for 2 conferences in SPAIN teaching about Dash as FinTech Proyect

    I think that the locations are perfect and that the practical way you are going to carry out the meetings (focusing on comparisons with incumbent services like Paypal) is an excellent idea. Good luck with your conferences!