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  1. Bridgewater

    security in evolution

    Fingerprint is very low security. It is more for convenience, and is a bit better than the traditional "slide to unlock." That's why when you set up fingerprint security on the phone, it also forces you to use a real password too, sometimes. But for small amounts/daily use, it would be fine...
  2. Bridgewater

    12.1 Announcement / Finalized Date / Project Update

    Me too. I loved the Linux "hardening" tutorials!
  3. Bridgewater

    Reading this forum on a Ultra Wide Screen ?

    IMO, the reason for a high-resolution monitor is so you can increase efficiency by having more content on your screen at once, without having to minimize and restore windows all the time. Most website content is designed for 1024 or 1280 width these days, I think. When I have a high res...
  4. Bridgewater

    Is Dash-core more secure than electrum dash for long term storage?

    Understood. That's exactly why wallet.dat is the prime target of crypto-thefts--it's easy. Also not nearly as secure if someone gets ahold of one of those flash drives and runs decryption software on it. I can't believe I forgot to mention the other prime benefit of Electrum-Dash! Offline...
  5. Bridgewater

    Is Dash-core more secure than electrum dash for long term storage?

    Electrum allows you to use a 12 word mnemonic to backup your wallet(s). For cold storage, you don't need an installed electrum anywhere. You just need those 12 words, plus a password for each individual wallet you make. Restoring is very quick, since there is no full blockchain...
  6. Bridgewater

    Proposal: Hardware Wallets For Build And Test

    A low-end secondary computer capable of hosting a masternode cold wallet can cost less than price of a Trezor. If you're using a virused-up daily driver for your MN cold wallet, you're doing it wrong. What's more, you don't need to fire up that masternode-use-only computer very often at all...
  7. Bridgewater

    The President Trump and the Financial Privacy

    Dash Evolution is aimed squarely at that target! "Ease of use" and "decentralized" have historically been mutually exclusive. Evolution will finally change that.
  8. Bridgewater

    The President Trump and the Financial Privacy

    This could be a positive signal...
  9. Bridgewater

    Dash now on KeepKey Check this thread out. You will soon be able to safely hold your Dash on a KeepKey while at the same time earn interest by operating a masternode with those funds.
  10. Bridgewater


    Secure communications on mobile phones is pretty tough. I can share some of my knowledge in this area for fellow Dashers. First and foremost you need to think about the security of the hardware and its operating system. Absolute 100% security is unachievable. The best you can do, IMO, is not...
  11. Bridgewater

    CZ/SK community management proposal

    @Comodore , are you planning to attend this conference? It would be great if someone from the Dash community could represent us there.
  12. Bridgewater

    CoinReform - exchange your coins

    If you want to attract tor users who actually value privacy, you need to get rid of the Cloudfare security check and not require javascript. Also, having a .onion address is preferable to tor users rather than https.
  13. Bridgewater

    Do you see value in categorizing proposals as "core" or "community"? Why/why not?

    At first I thought categories were a good idea for the simple fact that it would make voting easier. With the recent changeover from a single big-budget Public Awareness fund to individual items, the number of individual proposals that a MN voter must examine is certainly increasing. Any sort...
  14. Bridgewater

    Dash "stock split"

    Isn't one of the primary uses of Evolution to make crypto easier to use? AFAIK, Evolution does not touch the underlying stable, predictable, visible, reliable, un-gameable etc. monetary layer. Instead, front-end software talks to the network through the DAPI, so in theory you can run...
  15. Bridgewater

    [] Masternode cloud-service -> Please use as alternative

    Just curious, why isn't this service listed here: ?
  16. Bridgewater

    Proposal: Hardware Wallets For Build And Test This looks like this could be one of the more popular hardware wallets of 2016. Pre-orders are shipping soon at around $60. I wish Flare could get one of these, too! It is much more secure than the...
  17. Bridgewater

    What the hell is wrong with this picture? i thought we were a decentralized project?

    Decentralization is not socialism. The network is ultimately controlled by people with money, not people with words. What actually happened in the OP that is worth so much fuss? Something was put to a vote by the people who control dash (masternode owners), and what was the result of that...
  18. Bridgewater

    Proposal: Integration With A Flagship Merchant

    How many guesses do we get? I didn't know Protonmail had so many paid users...:D
  19. Bridgewater

    Dash Governance compared to Ethereum

    I've got a small factual correction, too Should be changed to "later that year" or late 2014 or something to that effect. It currently reads as if masternodes were added to the network in late 2015.
  20. Bridgewater


    Forgive my ignorance, but is there a reason we cannot have all transactions be spendlock/locksend/quickconfirm/lock'n'send/instawhateverX by default? That way, there's no need to name it except in marketing materials, as it is a default function of the coin itself (which would makes the...
  21. Bridgewater

    Online Bank

    Interesting. The website says they're incorporated in hong kong. The things I would be curious about are how they're insured and for how much, and also which jurisdiction's financial privacy laws they must comply with.
  22. Bridgewater

    V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

    You could always send a tiny amount first. If after you receive it, you can use the trezor to spend from that input, then you're in control. You can also generate Electrum/Trezor receiving addresses on a completely offline computer, which eliminates the risk of those addresses getting hacked.
  23. Bridgewater

    V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

    As far as trusting the Trezor hardware itself goes, there are hundreds of pages on bitcointalk dedicated to just that. There is nothing secret about the Trezor and its history from idea to final product is well known and documented. Granted, when you use any peice of mass-manufactured hardware...
  24. Bridgewater

    V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

    The entire setup process can be done offline, no account necessary. The chrome extension can be built and installed on an offline computer ( if you want to use Chromium to setup the Trezor. It is also possible to setup the Trezor with an...
  25. Bridgewater

    V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

    I know it's off topic but this is technically incorrect. There's no way an OS backdoor/malware/virus can snoop the Trezor's PIN. Passphrases, yes because they are entered in plaintext via the host computer's keyboard (which renders the passphrase option mostly useless, except for the $5 wrench...
  26. Bridgewater

    Dash now on KeepKey

    I was doing an advanced setup with Electrum, and at the point when you're supposed to unplug and plug it into an offline computer with text editor to backup the seed, it just got stuck and was never again detected by the computer. Tried everything, Ledger starter, firmware update, etc. nothing...
  27. Bridgewater


    @fible1 , Although nothing was looted now, it does not mean that malicious entities are 100% not in possession of encrypted password databases, wallet.dats, or encrypted zip files with private keys/passwords inside. If they think they stumbled on a gold mine, they can rent sufficient processing...
  28. Bridgewater

    Dash now on KeepKey

    I have all three, too. Ledger nano is the only one that broke on me, and does not allow use of passphrase wallets. It only has a pin and that's it. Keepkey has a slight advantage over the Trezor in that it allows cypher input of the mnemonics. With Trezor, best practice is to create new...
  29. Bridgewater

    Evolution will also be a bitcoin wallet

    This makes sense. Unless I'm mistaken, Evolution is a platform (not necessarily an end-user wallet) that allows easy integration of unique dash features through the new DAPI. The whole point is to encourage widespread adoption of the currency itself by using it in all kinds of different ways...
  30. Bridgewater


    Because Charlie Lee, of course! It's all about him, remember?
  31. Bridgewater

    Proposal: Electrum KeepKey Hardware Wallet Integration

    This is great, especially since there are probably more KeepKey owners now with the recent price drop to $99.
  32. Bridgewater

    What would you like to see changed/implemented on New Forum

    First off, the new forum seriously rocks. I love all the new features and buttons. I use those post navigation buttons exclusively now. Both themes look marvelous, too. One minor suggestion/question: When you scroll down to the point that the big "DASH / Forum" logo disappears, would it be...
  33. Bridgewater

    is SMUT still active ?

    The better question would be, is the lone crouton still active? I used an early version of SMUT, but have long since switched to @moocowmoo 's dashman and snapped off the rearviews.
  34. Bridgewater

    Governance based on decentralized reputation

    Attempting to decouple money from merit is at least anti-capitalistic. Socialism is the assumed motivator, but there could be others. There's also totalitarianism, anarchy or the complete demise of human civilization as end-goals. It all boils down to people trying "fix" a system that is...
  35. Bridgewater

    (Non-Binding) Wallet Terms Vote

    Thanks tungfa !
  36. Bridgewater

    (Non-Binding) Wallet Terms Vote

    So we're still going to have public dash and private dash? Or is this just a branding choice for an interim solution? What happened to the plan of all Dash being private by default, in interest of fungibility? I liked the idea of all dash being mixed by default, then allowing (through...
  37. Bridgewater

    Darksend Rebranding Discussion

    It seems to me like the name depends upon the feature implementation in the software interface. If it is a global setting, i.e. a "privacy mode," then PrivacyProtect seems appropriate. If it is a per-transaction choice of how to send funds, then PrivateSend seems appropriate.
  38. Bridgewater

    Governance based on decentralized reputation

    We already have money, which represents all of those things already. That's what allowed shareholders/masternode operators the power to be just that. Voting power should absolutely not be tied to arbitrarily-valued contributions. Like Tante said, that's socialism. For example, the boss of...
  39. Bridgewater

    OBAMA: If government can't access phones, 'everybody is walking around with a Swiss Bank account in

    If nothing else, he is very consistent in his ideology. Who is the "we" above? As always, the government. Never fails to surprise me how much he absolutely despises corporatism. This is such a misleading comparison. He said it himself: law enforcement had to physically "appear at your...
  40. Bridgewater

    Dash 2016 Roadmap

    Appreciate the work being done on the organizational/management front, and admire your attention to detail. Glad to see that offline storage of masternode collateral is now a priority. This has been a longstanding security concern for me as well. Question about PM: Are there plans to...