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    15GH/s miner

    new jersey is 11.5 Gh/s thats less than d3 i hope d3 will not blow up dash.
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    What is the best pool for Dash mining ?

    is this asic friendly ? and look like little long to setup lets start read decentralized always better.
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    Sell 20 pieces of Antminer D3 Bitmain, September batch.

    wtf all aug 17 created members selling some scam
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    What wallet for ASIC mining?

    good question +1 d3 is almost on the way but I don't have any info for pool or wallet I prefer paper for btc and ltc. some wallet and pool info will be good i dont want mine with antpool or other jihan pools
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    hi dashminer no asic m i right because you mine with software? still which pool do you recommend for 13 d3 if cant answer here this question please dm thanks already sorry if answered before I scroll 10 pages but not find
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    15GH/s miner

    six of us lol I get this 15gh/s unit also 13 pcs dunno what pool now?