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    Free DASH ATM and Business listings now on

    Hi all now has free ATM and local business listings with map locations. This will help to give exposure to DASH business within your area.
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    Dash Exchanges

    Yes correct, It has just been released :)
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    Dash Exchanges is like localbitcoins for DASH
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    Where to buy Dash in Canada? is fully operational now guys email registration issue has been resolved, we have an escrow system and buck loads of new features on the way that I'm sure the Crypto community will love ;) happy trading and long live crypto!
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    How do you obtain your DASH?

    Post an add to buy or sell on :) its fully operational now has escrow and is very easy to use!
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    Localbitcoins features

    Hi this all depends on your situation competition in your area and if you are looking to be a long term trader or a one off trader. in general long term traders I know on localbitcoins work off a 3-6% but trade high volumes making it quite lucrative.
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    Localbitcoins features

    Hi Guys email registration issues are fixed so DashNearby is fully operational :) please have brows through and if you find any issues or major features we should be working on let me know so I can get onto them. This project is still a baby and has a lot a features to come, I hope you all...
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    Localbitcoins features

    Yes the system has escrow, pgp encrypted messaging and emails. 2-FA It's been a long build, email issues will be solved very soon. With any luck this makes dash more accessible across the globe.
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    Localbitcoins features

    Hi guys as you know I have been working on a localbitcoins for DASH and I am now ready to release it! check it out and please give me your feedback with any bugs issues you may find so I can work at fixing them.
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    DASH: Detailed - Why Yes, This Water-Dispensing Machine Accepts Dash 'InstantSend'

    localbitcoins for dash check out
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    Where to buy Dash in Canada?

    Hi all The site is the best place to buy and sell dash, Its easy to use peer to peer and secure. You can also find buyer and sellers anywhere in the world like
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    Universal Dividend and Web of Trust for Dashcoin

    This is a DASH forum mate, not DASHCOIN. They are different Cryptos
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    DASH Plunge Protection Team

    Work out the daily master node return on that amount of dash! That's a very good investment!
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    Localbitcoins features

    anything is possible moving forward but we are focusing on one thing at a time here so we do it well =)
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    Localbitcoins features

    Just updating here our development of a localdash service is steady under way. It is taking longer than initially expected however we are winning. With any luck we may release in a 6 weeks.
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    Localbitcoins features

    Not at the moment acidburn. I will be sure to come here If I am in need of any help though. The dash community seems very willing to help out. Sorry if my reply's are slow, I am very busy.
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    great, thanks mate. I am actually working on a dash project. It's a local bitcoins for dash. I may have a few questions here and there along the way.
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    Localbitcoins features

    Hi im brand new on here but have been in bitcoin since 2010. I have started dev on a localbitcoins for dash. Expected release is still 3 months away.
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Im really believe das will go a long way because of design features.