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  1. rustycase

    WTB Want small plot of land, USA SW / PNW for Tiny House

    Might have a possibility for a small commercial property that has an electric rate of .06usd per kw/hr ... I would be able to assemble and run my mining rig profitably ! I asked the seller, Would you accept crypto as payment ? Response was, " What's that ? I don't even know what that is ! " I...
  2. rustycase

    WTB Want small plot of land, USA SW / PNW for Tiny House

    Connectivity !!! I forgot to say a link is pretty important ! Really important !!! In the past I've done a little experimenting with long range WiFi. Never close to the records, but I can easily do 1/4 mile with minimal gear. I'd given a little thought to repeaters running off a battery and...
  3. rustycase

    Dash advantages over Decred

    I am quite happy transferring value using DASH. DASH is superior to other coins I have used for that purpose. I see no reason to investigate options with empirical study of coding to make a comparison. Best rc
  4. rustycase

    WTB Want small plot of land, USA SW / PNW for Tiny House

    House rent and taxes are too much ! Will pay DASH for a small plot of land in the USA. Pacific North West or South West preferred. Some sort of building with water and electricity, if possible. Pump house, barn or shop would be just fine. We would like to build a Tiny House ! Thanks ! rc
  5. rustycase

    Want to buy dash with USD

    IMO A direct fiat gateway is the most critical factor in development and adoption of Any cryptocoin. rc
  6. rustycase

    Pre Proposal Question - Lobbying Congress?

    IMO... Considering the mission statement of DASH is to provide service to as many people possible who are in need of quick and cost efficient value transfer, any promotion to spread public awareness is valuable. It would be a great idea to have both email and snail mail information on all...
  7. rustycase

    [PRE-ANN] HEAT: 3.0 crypto*multisig fiat*a2a hft*1000tps*DSA*PoS+PoP*e2ee chat

    Hope you have a nice day, too, proto. Regards for delivering the presentation here in the forum we use. It might save time reviewing the large number of crypto related news sites. I have made a decision to participate in Evan's concept and support the present staff, their refinement and...
  8. rustycase

    What Happens to Your Dash When You Die?

    That opportunity could very well be a function of Evolution ! This could become new trade for those well versed in writing script to manage any number of accounts, direction percentages to be allocated at specific time periods, similar to an annuity ??? I would certainly require paid assistance. rc
  9. rustycase

    What Happens to Your Dash When You Die?

    Smart contract ??? rc
  10. rustycase

    Dash treasure hunt

    I am impressed with your excitement ! rc
  11. rustycase

    New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner

    From personal experience, I can assure you, even mining in the real world, with pick and shovels, machinery, drills, and dynamite, is an industry rampant with colorful characters telling fantastic tales and high risk. A leap of faith is required. Even a historically proven mine can drop from...
  12. rustycase

    What is the best pool for Dash mining ?

    Excellent ! Thank you for providing service and the geo-spread. I am particularly pleased to see such a node in South America ! rc
  13. rustycase


    Yes, my crystal ball is murky, as always. My magic 8 Ball tells me Reply Hazy, Try Again. No telling where any bit of FUD begins. It could actually be some underlying sentiment. Yet it frequently grows exponentially, and becomes self-fulfilling. The possibility of DASH benefiting a very large...
  14. rustycase


    I did review the linked article. Personally, I could not give a hoot how the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), it's ministers and minions, or the Minister of State for Finance conduct their affairs. IF crypto affairs are kept separate from those of state and corporate interests, there should be no...
  15. rustycase

    Version 12.1 Release

    yes, this is far too powerful to consider the event of errors if implemented incorrectly. I don't care to lose nuthin, yet somethin could be quite signicant, from one user to the next. I would be quite happy if y'all ran this through the testnet a few more rounds, huh ? Best rc
  16. rustycase

    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    Thanks for the work you have done, Charlie. This could help many with P2P value transfer. I would be most interested in direct exchange of fiat for DASH. rc
  17. rustycase

    Dash Video Casino, over 300 DSH in Jackpots!

    Looks like fun ! rc
  18. rustycase

    [noob question] Mining Dash with CPU

    This ain't so great. imo People like to contribute, people like to make a little profit. Most will no longer be able to generate 1000 DASH, on the spot. The possibility of mining at home may be outdated by the new asic farms, and this could produce a disconnect with the general community. If...
  19. rustycase

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    I doubt ricardo spagni would participate in such activity. He will readily admit to being an active troll, yet that is far different than maliciously hacking. His clan seems to be most interested in a grass roots effort at fully implementing the Cryptonote anon feature for their coin. At times...
  20. rustycase

    SEC decision

    A classic example of too much power in one place. imo rc
  21. rustycase

    March 2017 Budget Report

    Thank you for the report. I do have growth concerns, most likely similar to yours. DASH suffered from a lack of liquidity following the recent price surge when the market became controlled by margin traders placing shorts. We are fortunate DASH remains on a positive trend. This is perhaps not...
  22. rustycase

    Transaction too large

    This might require any number of others requesting similar mixing at the same time ? rc
  23. rustycase

    GPU + CPU Mining - still profitable?

    the RX cards are popular.
  24. rustycase

    Some miners failing to pay masternodes

    Agree with Lynx... This doesn't sound so good, and should not have been included in a 'general public' kinda Promo Campaign which Amanda's work is intended to be. Volkswagen is certainly not including any mention of the emissions debacle in their new car advertisements ! A forum, slack, or...
  25. rustycase

    Localbitcoins features

    Tnx cas, I shall give it a try ! rc
  26. rustycase

    Localbitcoins features

    What would be a reasonable fee if I were to offer fiat in exchange for DASH for persons needing instant greenbacks? ...Considering perhaps an hour, including travel time by automobile, for a meet & greet to conduct the affair at a public hotspot ??? Obviously, I have no experience with this... rc
  27. rustycase

    Dash reward per day per MN?

    Tnx Halso ! I appreciate all your posts here on the forum ! rc
  28. rustycase

    Dash reward per day per MN?

    Yikes! It's Gotta be more than that to cover electric costs !!! What unit are you using to measure that 0.25 ? rc
  29. rustycase

    Proposal: All Subtitles for DASH: Detailed – Now Cheaper!

    @TrustThyself Tnx for posting that info ! I shall read through it a number of times!!! Best rc
  30. rustycase

    China- something I'm not getting

    The geo-political influence China exerts is staggering. Including the Cryptoverse. China manufactures ALL the gear used in almost every level of digital communications, including crypto mining. Chinese political control sets power rates to mining concerns. China is actively involved in extensive...
  31. rustycase

    Suggestion: Get large online retailer to accept Dash

    Elvis has spoken. This is a Winner ! rc
  32. rustycase

    Proposal: All Subtitles for DASH: Detailed – Now Cheaper!

    My best wishes for success in translating DASH learning tools with a goal of serving more people on a global scale. rc
  33. rustycase

    How to run dash client on linux tails

    This, is the proper option, IMO. A "big investor and have many masternodes" is a quite serious matter requiring management skills. Programming and IT work is a separate and distinct function. I hope you are able to engage a competent person you may trust. rc
  34. rustycase

    Suggestion: Get large online retailer to accept Dash

    I have never sold a thing in exchange for any crypto... Sry if I gave that impression. Craigslist is where I go to exchange my de-valued fiat for hard goods. I shall make a considered effort to offer items in exchange for DASH after the first of next year. Best rc
  35. rustycase

    Suggestion: Get large online retailer to accept Dash

    I must agree with tungfa... this is a chicken or egg sort of scenario. IMO, best method for growth would be to actually make use of DASH. ...Offer some thing for sale, on Craigslist, in return for DASH... Best rc
  36. rustycase

    Live Project Log For CRYPTOVERSE-1

    I feel you do a fine job with the DASH presentation, and I enjoy your podcasts ! Best rc
  37. rustycase

    Live Project Log For CRYPTOVERSE-1

    As you should ! Incurring the wrath of HMRC is not pleasant ! Here, over the pond, it is considered to be a good business practice to avoid taxation, at the same time being a violation to evade them. The devil is in the details ! Best rc
  38. rustycase

    12.1 Testnet Testing Phase Two Ignition

    My distaste for win has been renewed... I must re-visit Linux and continue a comprehensive program to switch everything over... Bill seems to be an incessant presence in my life and I don't even want to know him ! I have yet to determine if gogle is worse ! Best rc
  39. rustycase

    Creating a masternode before having 1000 Dash?

    Will someone suggest use of a MN share hosting service ? It is possible to participate with less than 1000 DASH. Best rc
  40. rustycase

    IRS vs Coinbase: Massive Implications for Bitcoin, Digital Currencies (+ Node40/ @perry.woodin in th

    By now, everyone who engages a licensed institution must be fully aware they shall be bound by all contract terms including laws, codes, ordinances, presently on the books, and those which may be enacted in the future. If at all possible, crypto mining might perhaps be the best way to enter ...