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  1. yidakee

    Pre-Proposal - Dash Governance by Community

    Dash Governance by Community - DGbC The idea sparked into my mind the other day, following some forum discussions and some official Slack discussions. I personally hate seeing funds go to waste each month, in a sense that they’re there, ready and available, yet don’t get used because all the...
  2. yidakee

    Help me reverse engineer a scammer!

    Got a "lucrative business proposition" through linkedin. Decided to respond via a secure email. After watching this very funny TED, I'd love to have a crack at it :p This is what I got... how...
  3. yidakee

    Liquidity Provider reimbursement proposal

    Hi everyone. Decided to submit this proposal, as I believe it is important to honor commitments. It’s the whole reason Evan is re-writing the budgeting system in v12.1 dash-cli mnbudget vote-many...
  4. yidakee

    Open letter to the community regarding Slack.

    Hello all. I am writing you guys to openly express my grief about how I believe Slack is gravely being misused. Slack is not an exclusive Dash club, nor a funky chatroom. It is a highly sophisticated work tool that integrates a plethora of third party tools, like Box, Github, Jira, Confluence...
  5. yidakee

    Dash ticker standardization ISO 4217:2008

    I don't know if this has been discussed in more detail, but thediffrence brought this up over at the Rolling Thread, and it's very pertinent. The sooner we know what we're dealing with, the better. I should have thought of this earlier myself, given than my Dad was amongst the first over these...
  6. yidakee

    Bad backup practice !! I almost destroyed +1k Dash!

    I am bit embarrassed to admit this, but hey, here goes... :oops: So a friend invested 6k into Dash. Teaching him about cryptos, he’s really excited. First and foremost a proper backup! I am shocked that I almost potentially destroyed all his Dash, even after one year of multiple wallet.dat...
  7. yidakee

    Darkcoin agora chama-se Dash. versão PT

    Traduzido de; Darkcoin is now Dash Darkcoin agora chama-se Dash. Por Fernando Gutierrez, 25 Março 2015 A nossa visão foi sempre a de criar uma plataforma privada e instantânea de pagamentos ( Digital Cash), para o beneficio da maioria. Este é nossos etos e mais importante objectivo...
  8. yidakee

    The Dasherberg Group

    The Dasherberg Group - Meeting nº1 T’was a rainy Tuesday afternoon. March the 24th, 2015. Precisely 24 hours before the official rebrand, and 3 was the count of conspirators. Plotting for world domination, the location was meticulously chosen, far and away of prying eyes and tuned-in ears. The...
  9. yidakee

    Tradução do Darkcoin v.11.2 testnet!! PT/BR voluntários necessários

    Malta, Darkcoin utiliza uma plataforma fantástica chamada transifex para traduzir para várias línguas a carteira. É mesmo fácil de usar! Neste momento, temos duas traduções em simultâneo, uma PT_BR e outra só PT. A vasta maioria é...
  10. yidakee

    Trolls & FUDsters... Wall of Fame!!

    I'm not a developer, so my contribution to DRK's progress, among other things, is also focusing on tightening the community. People come and go. Anyone can make mistakes and be forgiven. A truthful change of heart is always admirable. Everyone is entitled to a second chance, if there is honesty...
  11. yidakee

    Idea for DRK !! cyanoGenMod-DRK for Android !!

    As far as my knowledge goes, and I suspect opinions WILL vary (thank goodness hehe)... cyanoGenMod is the best and most reliable free open-source aftermarket firmware for android phones. Much better performance, incredibly stable, and packed with privacy-centric apps (SMS; chat, video, etc) We...
  12. yidakee

    Help write a short paragraph to use DRK for a legit charity!

    Hi guys, I convinced a friend to set up a website to aid a charity. Two friends of mine went to Cambodia and came back, and are doing their best to help by setting up this fundraiser. The "true" unfiltered story is quite horrible... If they dont get (X) amount, the .gov will expropriate the...
  13. yidakee

    RC4 Compliant Mining Pools vs Non-Complying

    Please mine on pool that have been fully upgraded to RC4 ! Latest EDIT: 15th August. I've handed over the responsibility of this to Splawik21. He'll be leading the "Pool Police" check out the first post on the second page for up to date info...
  14. yidakee

    RC4 testnet Ping-Pong noise "game"

    To support testnet efforts, I'm opening this thread so as not to clutter the official development thread. This is ONLY valid or those participating in the RC4 testnet environement. The idea is to create transaction noise, simulating real life transaction other than MN payouts. Send and receive...
  15. yidakee

    Possible bug on Darkcoin-QT Mac OSx?

    Hi guys. Helping set up a node on a Mac, local/remote. I tested this myself without issues on my laptop, but in his case, no matter what, darkcoin-qt will not accept the darkcoin.conf file. Yes, I did make quadruple sure there were no hidden extensions, no spaces between arguments... like I...
  16. yidakee

    Just had an idea for us miner collectively help DRK before next fork !!

    Guys!! Just had an idea The issue right now, in the successful progression of Darkcoin, is depending on a fork into the next stage. The biggest obstacle is network consensus, and although technically Evan could ban bad actors, technically, that approach would look very very bad to the community...
  17. yidakee

    yidakee's Helpdesk & Masternode Setup Services (GhostPlayer on Bitcointalk)

    Hi guys! UPDATE: November 28th 2014 The new terms of my service are as follows. - Masternode Setup = 25 DRK - You need a Virtual Private Server (VPS) of choice ( - if you need help ask - I setup the remote linux server to serve as the Masternode - I...
  18. yidakee

    (June 20th 2014) New AMD Sgminer !! Huge improvement!

    Hey guys, head's up!! Happy mining! Oh... please report back your findings. I'll be testing later today after the network fork ;)
  19. yidakee

    HELP ! A transaction seems stuck, how to re-broadcast?

    I'm sitting there looking at 0 confirms and getting really pissed. How does one re-broadcast a transaction? Following a bitcoin tutorial, I opened the QT console and type "getrawtransaction tx_id_string" - got a huge HEX output, copied, and type and the console sent this back Dont know if...
  20. yidakee

    Problems adding 2FA inside EC2

    SOLVED!! Thank you donho! full credits to him. So another step to prevent hacking is to set up another layer of 2FA straight into Ubuntu. Did exactly as this tutorial says, worked great. But...
  21. yidakee

    A plead to the Darkcoin Devs regarding Masternodes!

    Hey Evan and Kyke !! (and soon, many more loons!) This is a personal plead. I will try NOT to tl;dr you guys... but imagine the planet for one second please... In the long future of Masternodes and DRK, real pro's will ALWAYS be able to tackle the ins and outs of good linux higiene ... monitor...
  22. yidakee

    Fail2ban on EC2 maybe not such a good idea?

    So I'm taking the time to secure my server, fail2ban being a common contender from my readings and suggestions. But going through some blogs, its seems I can a) just install and it will do its job "custom" b) you can use fail2ban to harden your AMI. Thing is with b) is that, for instance...
  23. yidakee

    Is it possible to have multiple VM's under same router?

    Here is the idea... WMware + ubuntu... lets say 2 or 3 setups, running simultaniously as MN's. Thing is the external IP is given by the router. Is there a way to give each VMware its own public IP so I could run the masternodes locally until local / remote setup is fixed? Or is this a non...
  24. yidakee

    How to backup server wallet.dat ?

    Seems I'm having an impossible time on 10.8.6 trying to run local / remote, even leaving local online. Until this is fixed, it seems I'll have to send 1k over to the server, which kind of freaks me out to be honest... but anyway. two questions; 1 - How long can a wallet password be? 2 - I can...
  25. yidakee

    Problem updating darkcoind

    So Evan released 0.7.4 yesterday, I did exactly as I've done before, both local and remote sudo rm -r /usr/bin/darkcoind then wget new version sudo cp to /usr/bin/darkcoind chmod +x delete all peers.dat as suggested by Evan try running, but this shows, both local and server What am I missing?
  26. yidakee

    Masternode nicking my earnings haha

    Obviously I'm joking with the title there :cool: Ok, so I went to check my earnings on the tesnet masternote address 0 Look a the timestamps! What am I seeing here?
  27. yidakee

    Things to do on Hard Fork

    First Hard Fork I'm ever going through, have some doubts, double so regarding Masternodes. I have my local / remote rockin' with 0.7.1. testnet. So on the 14 or 15th, what needs to be done? Will devs release a new daemon that we update... or is the hard-fork done in the back-end, making the...
  28. yidakee

    Conflicting Masternode TESTNET queries.

    For tesnet I set up 1 masternode, that seems to be working fine up to now, I have a few 50 DRK tx coming in with very low confirmations (1, 3, 5, max is 31). I since had to restart the instance (new public IP given). On my laptop, an VM with a testnet (rc2) wallet where I receive my cpu tesnet...
  29. yidakee

    Connection to host refused - port 22

    Masternode related. So I've been complaining to my ISP about connection issues, nothing major, just being bitchy. Then sent a tech in, changed the router (exact same model). Everything went smooth, everything works. I went to reconnect to EC2 instance, open the terminal and pressed "up" and...
  30. yidakee

    Masternode donation to p2pool ?

    I just had this idea, don't know if its feasible or not. I'll be setting up my masternode, no doubt. From my 10% "commission", I would gladly send a donation back to the p2pool network - lets say 1%. Now, while I know its "unfair" to MPOS and PROP and other pools, I believe this is would highly...
  31. yidakee

    Help with setting up p2pool on Ubuntu 12.04

    Following this tutorial by miner_n00b Been able to fix a few errors compiling darkcoind, but I'm stuck on this one [email protected]:~/darkcoin/src$ make -f makefile.unix darkcoind g++ -c -O2...
  32. yidakee

    how long does it take to create a masternode?

    I'm ready to do it ;) I have a friend coming in to assist, he lives far off. Roughly how long would it take to set an EC2 ? (if everything goes smoothish?)
  33. yidakee

    my p2p earning dropped significantly

    mind taking a look? I know how p2p works but this seem very odd. I've been getting payout averaging 2-3 times an hour, been there for a few dye so it has ramped up. Since last night, many hours without payouts. Last night was also when the Darkcoin rockets were fired to the moon, but I don't see...
  34. yidakee

    What on earth caused such a diff spike around 10k on March 12th?

    What the heck was this all about? Some sort of test to DGW's resilience? Or someone in the know testing something out? This kind of thing do freak me out a little I confess...
  35. yidakee


    I know its not related to Darkcoin, but... damn! Would've been sweet it they'd adopt DRK somehow
  36. yidakee

    Bem-vindo ao fórum Português!!

    Viva a todos! Temos o nosso próprio fórum :p Mais alguém por aí?
  37. yidakee

    What can I do to help?

    ... is a question everyone should ask themselves when they wake up every morning :D Just kidding. Seriously now, I am no troll, but a very very active forum lover. But all to new to crypto's and don't want to become either a spammer or troll. But I'm starting to fear the crypto world. ASICs are...
  38. yidakee

    sgminer 4.1 won't obey my commands... 5x 280x Vapor-X

    Hi all, new around these parts... So I started mining DRK yesterdays and I'm loving it. Got my rig to run 10,35mH/s @ 675w yeee-ha! Not bad. 2,07mh/s per card. But I wanted to play around with some setting to see if I could squeeze a little more/less juice depending on results. Thing is, some...