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  1. Ben Swann

    Ben Swann’s Reality Check Sponsorship & Ambassador- Feb KPI Report

    Social KPIs- Feb 2018 Facebook: Reach: 7,302,529 Video Views: 1,674,102 Reach Paid: 17,765,080 Video Views Paid: 3,068,524 Total Reach of Dash funded content: 25,067,609 Total Video Views: 4,742,626 Twitter: Video Views: 91,727 Reach of Dash funded content: 30,456,786 Video Views...
  2. Ben Swann

    Pre-Proposal: Sole Sponsorship of Reality Check with Ben Swann & Ambassador

    UPDATE - PROPOSAL IS LIVE: Following the encouraging feedback from the forum, I decided to submit my proposal yesterday (12/23). The proposal is not showing on Dash Central yet, but you can vote on the proposal here...