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  1. Bridgewater

    Yet another incorrect "Dashcoin" reference, comlete with that dumb old logo Scroll down to "Top 5 Altcoins..."
  2. Bridgewater

    PayPal is getting nervous...

    So I recently attempted to sell something on a classifieds section of a popular hobby forum. I posted a USD price, (OBO) and listed my accepted payment methods. A few hours later, an interesting fellow popped up to hijack my listing: Unfortunately I did not see this ludicrous post until it...
  3. Bridgewater

    "Lock unspent" does not stay locked

    Each time I open and spend from a multi-masternode wallet, I always use coin control to click the 1000DASH inputs and select "lock unspent" to make sure these inputs do not get touched for the spend. Is there a way to make the lock persist even after the QT is shut-down and reloaded? Thanks
  4. Bridgewater

    Anybody else tried Fold?

    Very simple webpage that lets you pay with bitcoin and get 20% off all starbucks purchases. Tried it the other day and it worked like a charm. No account signup or anything. Just click 10 dollars and send 8 dollars worth of bitcoin to the address it generates, and it fills a $10 barcode that...
  5. Bridgewater

    Chinese forum name change

    Once we get a Chinese translation of, I expect we'll have more chinese visitors to this site, too. The current forum name does not say "Chinese" like the language. It says China with a possessive and no object and looks strange. It currently is: 中國的 Chinese I suggest changing it to...
  6. Bridgewater

    Slow keypool generation

    I recently switched VPS providers for some of my masternodes, and have encountered some extreme slowdowns during the keypool generation phase when creating the wallet.dat. My hunch is that even though the CPU and memory resources are not taxed, the physical server host's RNG might have some...