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  1. Aniinl

    DashForce Outreach to International (Women) Entrepreneurs

    Hi Everyone, I am Anja, I joined the Dash (Slack) Community in February, and last month (September 2017) I also joined the DashForce team. I will be reporting on my adventures here every month, but I thought I'd first give you a little introduction what/who I'm focusing on and what my goals...
  2. Aniinl

    DASH vs. Paypal - New article in the DASH for Newbies series

    You know, I didn't care much about "instant send" until THIS happened just now... ;) It's only a half-minute read.
  3. Aniinl

    "Excuse me, do you speak crypto?" New article in the Dash for Newbies series

    The latest article in our "Dash for Newbies" publication on Medium: Anja :) “Excuse Me, Do You Speak Crypto?” From n00b to whale in 4 minutes… still shot from Every...