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  1. ichigo13

    Minimum Fees

    Who gets to decide what constitutes spam or not?
  2. ichigo13

    Dash Core Group Legal Structure Details

    What will be the requirements for participating as a candidate for the Trust protector board?
  3. ichigo13

    Pre-Proposal: Sole Sponsorship of Reality Check with Ben Swann & Ambassador

    I'm aboard with Dash being the sole sponsor of the entire Truth In Media website, covering all 4 banners as well. As a wise man once said: "Dash can afford this." ;)
  4. ichigo13

    Pre-Proposal: Sole Sponsorship of Reality Check with Ben Swann & Ambassador

    First of all this is a "Yes" from me. There are some things I would like to ask though: 1) Can you name the other 2 exclusive partners? 2) Can Dash be given 4 out of 4 ad slots by paying extra or do you think that it will be too much? These are my first thoughts. Now I should check out some...
  5. ichigo13

    Dash Watch Pre-proposal

    It's funny actually because I had the same idea a few months ago but @paragon seems to be ahead of the game while also delivering something more polished and feature rich than what I could have done myself. Of course this is a yes from me as well.
  6. ichigo13

    Proposal: Core Team Compensation (November)

    Ryan, have we managed to get benefits for our team members yet? If not yet, what is holding us back? Will we be informed about it when we manage to achieve that? I just want the team to be focused entirely on Dash without having any headaches of taking care of healthcare and all that by their own.
  7. ichigo13

    Dash Kuvacash updates and activities

    Communication is key. Thanks for providing this update. Looking forward to the webinar.
  8. ichigo13

    Dash Bug Bounty Program now open to public

    Yeah, I also believe that the bounties will be few and we won't be seeing any budget shortages. After the 12 months what will happen to the remaining budget? Do we continue the project with the leftover budget ? I believe until then new code (Evolution) will be available to the public.
  9. ichigo13

    Dash Bug Bounty Program now open to public

    Great! We have about 345k USD for this program that will run for 3 months. Do we have any data on Bugcrowd about any median numbers of bugs they discover and any median number of USD they are rewarded (per month or something similar)? I wonder if they are going to be able to plough their way...
  10. ichigo13

    Dash Bug Bounty Program now open to public

    Excellent job. How do we define how much each bug is worth? Do we have any tiers for bugs?
  11. ichigo13

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Integration with Revolut

    That is Phase 1 of the roll out. Sending to an external wallet will be supported in later Phases. So yes in the beginning the crypto will stay in your Revolut account and you will able to send it to other Revolut users. I'm starting the discussion with this post. I am not even sure if I tried...
  12. ichigo13

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Integration with Revolut

    If the majority of MNs are in favor of this integration official channels of communication between Revolut and Dash need to be established. I can see no better option that to have the Business Development team of the Dash Core DAO take care of this. After the communication channels are...
  13. ichigo13

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Integration with Revolut

    Hello, I am starting up this discussion about Dash being integrated into Revolut. I'll first briefly try to explain what Revolut is followed by the reasons I believe this would benefit Dash. What is Revolut? Revolut is a global money app that includes a...
  14. ichigo13

    Pre-Proposal Max Keiser Stephen Baldwin Across America Road Tour TV Sponsorship

    Yes from me. Just a side note but how do I get the MN Owner thingy below my avatar/profile pic?
  15. ichigo13

    Dash Mission and Vision Statement

    I was actually thinking a while back now to suggest we come up with a vision and mission statement. I'm glad that it was in the works and happy to see it being published today. I cannot come up with any refinements to the M&V statements above so consider this as a sign of my approval.
  16. ichigo13

    (Pre-Proposal) Buy & Sell from within ALL DASH WALLETS

    Voted yes and also voted on what wallets I think we need. This seems like a nice addition to the wallets that support Dash.
  17. ichigo13

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    What should I see when I execute the iptables command below? I saved the rules you posted above. iptables -L
  18. ichigo13

    Proposal: Business Development - Major Exchange

    If I understand correctly this will offer USD/DASH pairs. Without telling us what exchange you are referring to, will there also be support for EUR/DASH trading ? If so will it be as easy to do EUR/DASH as USD/DASH?
  19. ichigo13

    Wachsman PR - Dash PR Agency

    I hope point 10 [Adoption] is referring to a listing of Dash on Kraken. No need for hoping funds around to get Dash!
  20. ichigo13

    Cryptonote Explained

    Ok, I think this helped to get a better understanding of cryptonote. Appreciate the effort Tante. If we manage to bring our mixing times down by a significant amount then Dash seems to be on top against cryptonote in almost all aspects.
  21. ichigo13

    Development Update - June 2, 2015

    It's always quiet before the storm. Well done as always.
  22. ichigo13

    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    What if the 15% gets taken away and there is a record of how much coins each masternode has contributed to the funding pool. Then when it's voting time you have the options to don't fund anything since you don't like any projects but you will not be able to vote later on the projects approval...
  23. ichigo13

    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    More like a shot at a decent job opportunity. My interest in giving it a try and start checking out code is higher than before but that has to wait until I graduate.
  24. ichigo13

    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    If there is an option to get more money you will pick that one and not development. It's greed and not wisdom of the crowd. If greed is not left as an option then I am forcing you to investigate the available projects and choose the one that will bring more value to your asset that you already...
  25. ichigo13

    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    Who is stopping MN owners voting No all the time so that the money comes back to them even if there are good projects to be funded?
  26. ichigo13

    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    How will we handle the approval of the work? We are talking mostly about code here so we will need more experts considering that not all of the people in our community are coders.
  27. ichigo13

    Development Update, Whitepaper and Other News

    Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the Management Proposal.
  28. ichigo13

    The Rolling Thread :) (go to end for newest posts)

    I don't know about the situation around my area (for small companies and such) but the ridiculous thing about bank fees is when I order something that is priced in GBP I get charged 6% of the purchase price because of the simple conversion of Euro to GBP. All this inside the EU. Of course you...
  29. ichigo13

    Dash Logo Contest

    #1 and #3 are the best with #1 being the top.
  30. ichigo13

    Official Change From Darkcoin To Dash

    Now for the important questions: Will we celebrate with champagne on the 25th?
  31. ichigo13

    Rebranding Followup

    Thank you for the reply. It seems that other usages are a computer architecture, some sparc servers for Oracle and a scholar publishing and academic coalition. All those are in a different subject from us. Can they be a real threat to a digital currency that has the same name?
  32. ichigo13

    Rebranding Followup

    Maybe my post was not noticed by a lot of people so let me try again. What do you guys think of SPARC, SPARC Pay or something along those lines? (Secure Private Anonymous Revolutionary Currency/Cash) Does it sound good or stupid to you guys?
  33. ichigo13

    Rebranding Followup Not familiar with the platform but here are some games for it if I am not mistaken. They don't seem generic at all. Not trying to bash DASH but I believe a better name can be found.
  34. ichigo13

    Rebranding Followup

    Swap Radical for Revolutionary. Does it spark more interest now? :D Look at SEPA (Singe Euro Payment Area). It's a big hit and the name contains the main idea behind it. DASH is ok but if I was a game developer I would not name my game "Computer Game" or "Digital Game".
  35. ichigo13

    Rebranding Followup

    Please don't tear me apart for not sticking with the "D". I gave it a little thought and came up with this. Secure Private Anonymous Radical Currency/Cash SPARC Fast like a spark (InstantX), secure due to being a cryptocurrency (miners, masternode network etc), private as in you have control...
  36. ichigo13

    Rebranding and Scalability

    How easy will the transition from Darkcoin to Dash be for sites like cryptsy that hold peoples coins? I don't want to end up loosing them cause of their terrible support service. Edit: Example "Oh I am sorry it seems that you dont have any balance for Dash."
  37. ichigo13

    Which Masternode model should we implement?

    Researching about this possibility is not harmful. This is just a thing in the air. We need to carefully make a decision about this topic so it won't backfire somehow in the future.
  38. ichigo13

    Which Masternode model should we implement?

    I believe it's best we focus on IP obfuscation of users sending coins right now and revisit this topic later on with speed results of nodes running through TOR from Evan.
  39. ichigo13

    Darkcoin Fork in The Road

    #2 I want pitch black transactions please.
  40. ichigo13

    Development Update - August 19, 2014

    I so want a MS right now!