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  1. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Unable to configure masternode with Dash masternode tool

    I've been following instructions on to start my masternode, but everytime I update my actual masternode dash.conf file the masternode stops running. I have done this several times and it always does the...
  2. Rodrigo Fernandez

    daemon RPC connection

    I have configure a masternode and all seems to be ok in Dash Central, except that it shows: "Your daemon RPC connection: error" How can I solve this issue? Thanks, Rodrigo
  3. Rodrigo Fernandez

    POSE_BANNED: 100%

    I have set up a dash masternode with a hardware wallet, and it started working fine for a few days. Then I started getting this message from DashCentral monitoring and the masternode stopped working: Error: There is a problem with the status of your masternode on the masternode list: ENABLED...