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  1. darkchild

    WTS Fresh batch of DASH to sell/trade

    Hi guys, Need to boost your DASH stash or deploy a new masternode? I've got some extra DASH and I'm looking to trade for BTC or if you're local, we can do a bank to bank transfer. I have a couple of hundred available. Feel free to PM me. Thanks. DC
  2. darkchild

    Why women stay away from bitcoin (Cryptos)

    An interesting article that should help the devs and marketing teams come up with some solutions. DASH has already addressed at least one point that the article raises. ‘There are 36 men and one woman going to a big bitcoin summit on Richard Branson’s private island’ Fusion, April 29 Am I...
  3. darkchild

    No DASH - The War on Cash: Transparently Totalitarian

    When asked what he thought the future might look like, George Orwell said “imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” Not exactly a cheery thought, and one I don’t agree with. While the forces pushing for centralization of power have been prevailing for decades, they haven’t won a total...
  4. darkchild

    Leaked Chainalysis Roadmap Angers Bitcoin Community

    Why the world needs DASH Chainalysis offers a service that provides financial institutions with the means to obtain regulatory compliance through real-time analysis of the blockchain. Based in Switzerland and headed by ex-Kraken COO Michael Grønager and former Mycelium engineer Jan Møller, the...
  5. darkchild

    Bitcoin Core version 0.10.1 released

    Will the DASH codebase be updated to include the updates included in the changelog for this latest BTC release? I know our devs are spinning a million plates right now, so I'm just curious if we will update our code what sort of timelines are we looking at.
  6. darkchild

    The Next Generation of Digital Currency

    An interesting piece by Michael Copeland, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Might be nice to contact him about DASH. There was a time when people happily used chickens, pigs, or a nice pile of lumber as payment for a cow, some clothes, or anything else of value. And then some smart...
  7. darkchild

    Prove You’re Not a Terrorist

    Recently, France decided to crack down on those people who make cash payments and withdrawals and who hold small bank accounts. The reason given was, not surprisingly, to “fight terrorism,” the handy catchall justification for any new restriction governments wish to impose on their citizens...
  8. darkchild

    Let's work hard to avoid this with the DASH foundation
  9. darkchild

    US Presidential Order Allows the State to Confiscate Crypto Holdings ‘Without Prior Notice’

    Quietly signed on April Fools Day... ------------------------ An executive order signed by President Barack Obama has enabled US authorities to become the first to confiscate cryptocurrency holdings without warning. The declaration by Obama states: “I find that because of the ability to...
  10. darkchild

    Nasdaq to Provide Trading Technology for Bitcoin Marketplace

    How do we get DASH on this? Nasdaq to Provide Trading Technology for Bitcoin Marketplace By Michael J. Casey Updated March 23, 2015 3:52 p.m. ET Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. has agreed to provide New York-based startup Noble Markets with core technology to power a new marketplace aimed at allowing...
  11. darkchild

    FACTA: A use case for darkcoin

    This isn't about avoiding taxes. No one likes getting FACTAd. If a system is collapsing under its own weight, it shouldn't drag you down with it. The United States began the hunt for Americans worldwide with the assumption that anyone doing business outside the USA must be to hide money. They...
  12. darkchild

    [] Free masternode monitoring tool

    This used to be under a different forum category. I'm posting it here for more relevance. Charts and Stats List/Table of Masternodes with sorting and filters Masternode Geographical Distribution Map...
  13. darkchild

    WTS I few hundred DRK for sale

    Need to get your MN up and running without going through exchanges, PM me to trade. I've got a few hundred at the moment.
  14. darkchild

    Strange Masternode IP address / BUG?

    As part of the analysis I preform on my site at, often come across anomalies that I can't explain, and so I'm hoping that one of the Core Devs can shed some light with this case. The masternode address is: XhqPktQB371k6Qj2ECDXk15BHq5c9Y4X3g and it's IP address is
  15. darkchild

    New Masternode Explorer Website

    Hey Guys, I've been working on a small project in my spare time to parse the darkcoin blockchain and darkcoind daemon masternode data to create some useful insights and information for the community. I've garnered a lot of insights from all the data being generated in real-time, and there's...
  16. darkchild

    Generating DRK addresses from blockchain

    I've setup a darkcoin-abe blockchain parser after a bit of tweaking and everything is running fine and dumping all the data into a MySQL database in realtime. One of the tables created by darkcoin-abe is the pubkey table which stores the public key and public key hashes. Since the blockchain...
  17. darkchild

    More detailed Masternode information

    Does anyone know how to get the primary masternode wallet address using only the IP address of the masternode? I've looked at the different help options available and there wasn't anything useful other than getting a list of masternodes, current masternode, masternode count and winners. How...