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  1. lynx

    [IDEA] QT Core Wallet premixing to another wallet (e.g. mobile)

    While reading this thread, and idea came to me. A mobile wallet isn't well suited to mixing coins as needed for privatesend. But the QT wallet could potentially send the mixed coins to it. How? On the last round of mixing, it can just tell the MN to send the coin to an address of that wallet...
  2. lynx

    Stop spamming topics with vote history

    I'm tired of seeing there is a new message in a thread, and when I go to read it then it turns up to be a shitty vote history by @demo. Does anyone find it useful at all?
  3. lynx

    Some miners failing to pay masternodes

    I'm surprised no one here mentioned this was happening and I had to hear it from Dash: Detailed I hope this is the last update that they will be able to do it.
  4. lynx

    Suggestion: New voting method - Priotity ranking

    I'm thinking of a new voting system... instead of voting yes or no, each masternode ranks all the proposals by priority, like so: 1 - Core-dev 2 - Great stuff 3 - Project 4 - Useless junk To exemplify why it would be useful, say, the way things are now, those are my preferences and I check the...
  5. lynx

    Evan Duffield interview - Liberty Entepreneurs (Dec 14, 2015)

    Here it is, check it out: (As seen on The Daily Decrypt)