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  1. GreyGhost

    Dash World: Failure or Success? (Warning on Dangers Lurking)

    Dash World started on 06/04/16 with DASH @ $7.13 and grew to $9.36 @ 5:30 AM ET, on July 30, 2016. This represents: 31.28% increase in DASH price over 3 ½ months, a 107.24% increase on yearly basis $2,230.00 increase in USD value of each masternode $14,021,953.93 increase in DASH market cap...
  2. GreyGhost

    Proposal: Dash World - Private & Secure Communications with DASH as Payment Processor

    A small update: -- request for an investment into 100 MNs, now over $900K, went to the Monte Carlo wealth management firm on July 21st; -- should they invest such a substantial sum at once, our ask is for 50% of their MNs income to fund the development of this project; -- DGBB support would...
  3. GreyGhost

    DASH WORLD – 3rd Month Report, Expenses Breakdown & Ongoing Work

    Dear Masternode owners and community members: The Dash World has successfully finished its third month’s engagement with the Dash project. We’ve been paid 775.00 DASH out of which: 139.2857143 DASH for the Project Manager (GreyGhost) for the work -- in addition to managing all aspects of...
  4. GreyGhost

    To Kill or to Keep the Dash World?

    Dear masternode owners and the community: At the time of writing the Dash World: Evolution in Marketing V.2 is set to be defunded. Its four months "trial period" was supposed to culminate with the d10e event in San Francisco. Allow me a reminder that the Dash World has: -- saved us $1,500.00...
  5. GreyGhost

    DASH WORLD three months in -- a "mid-month" update

    Dear masternode owners and community members: Dash World goes well beyond publishing a few articles here and there and tweeting about it. This lengthy update gives you a bigger picture of the efforts and where we hope they will lead us. I envisioned our four months work (last payment is...
  6. GreyGhost

    Entering Main-Stream Media: SpectroCoin adding Dash to Exchange

    Dash World's very own Vanbex guys helped Dash, "to be first non-bitcoin cryptocurrency on London-based Bitcoin exchange and wallet, SpectroCoin" be published in main stream media. Special thanks to @babygiraffe and @eduffield for participating in this article creation. Read more here...
  7. GreyGhost

    DASH WORLD – 2nd Month Report, Expenses Breakdown & Ongoing Work

    Dear Masternode owners and community members: The Dash World has successfully finished its second month’s engagement with the Dash project. We’ve been paid 775.00 DASH out of which: 139.5157143 DASH, the last month's carry-over balance, went as the support for our presence on the d10e San...
  8. GreyGhost

    DASH WORLD -- a "mid-month" update

    Dear masternode owners and community members: Allow me a brief update about the Dash World’s progress in our second month since we’ve been given an honor to represent and to work for Dash. We've made some interesting strides and started various initiatives. Here are some of these: we have 3...
  9. GreyGhost

    DASH WORLD -- 1st Month Report, Expenses Breakdown & Future Work

    Dear Masternode owners and community members: The block 465257 payment on 5/7/2016, out of which Dash World has received its 775.000 DASH share, marked an important moment for the Governance: we were the only “non core” team being granted funds to further the Dash Project’s agenda. It is a...
  10. GreyGhost

    Spells of Genesis (SoG) Card dedicated to Dash

    Dash World, via The Vanbex Group's own Nicola Minichiello, made the connection with Spell of Genesis. I am cross posting what Nic wrote on Slack: "Spells of Genesis (SoG) would like to release a blockchain-based trading card dedicated to Dash. Everdream Soft, the Swiss based game studio, maker...
  11. GreyGhost

    DASH WORLD update #4: Articles

    Unless we provide our audiences with substantial, valuable content that has a clear message we’d be wasting time and money. hobbskevin director at Vanbex put it succinctly: “just putting out press with no substance or goal will do Dash no good,” so our approach is to create valuable, “shareable”...
  12. GreyGhost


    This is a tricky but a passionate, personal one. As a journalist in my native country I have been listened to, surveilled, visibly followed by the government as a form of intimidation, threatened and finally persecuted by the government and government controlled media. The final result was the...
  13. GreyGhost

    DASH WORLD update #2: Masternodes as an Investment

    With guidance and data from crowning Dr. BobLQ (boblq) analyzed the Masternodes return. Dr. BobLQ wrote a Python program to help him get the accurate set of data. KEY FINDINGS: -- During the 16 month (5 quarters) period for which data was gathered the number of Masternodes increased from 1637...
  14. GreyGhost

    DASH WORLD update #1: A New Website

    Since AndyDark has taken initiative the website developments seems to be finally moving in the right direction. I made myself available to everyone involved but they were kind enough not to request too much of my time and experience so far. At this point I want to stress the following: “SEO...
  15. GreyGhost

    Dash World: Marketing Audit, Progress & Road-map

    Dear community: During the first two weeks since the Dash World has been funded we’ve dived deeply into the Dash Project in order to better gauge where we stand and where we are going to take our efforts from here. Major Work Done: -- Marketing Audit for Dash performed by The Vanbex Group, is...
  16. GreyGhost

    DASH: Identity Problem (?)

    (added a question mark in the title to better reflect the spirit of the thread) It all started a long long time ago but was finally conceived like this. I sent a message to Fernando: To which he replied with: So here we are. Since I've created the Dash World: Evolution in Marketing and its...
  17. GreyGhost

    Dash World: Evolution in Marketing V.2

    PLEASE NOTE: V.2 at is the same as the Dash World: Evolution in Marketing "original" proposal. Only that we have listened to the community's concerns regarding DASH's increased price (from $4.51 to $7.00) and have incorporated them into this new proposal...
  18. GreyGhost

    Dash World: Evolution in Marketing (budget proposal)

    I am happy to inform the community that the Dash World: Evolution in Marketing budget proposal is out for the vote @ Discussion is also going on over on Slack @ This is quite a big proposal, so I will share...
  19. GreyGhost

    Graphs and Tools

    Guys, could you please tell me who created this: I work on a document quoting various sources and would like to give a credit to everyone. Also, tungfa will you kindly please remind me of a link where all the cool graphs and...
  20. GreyGhost

    Community Innitiative #3 - Virtual Corporation IPO

    Another discussion that started with this post over at the trolls infested Bitcoin talk I will copy paste to see if a conversation could start... As I watched Evan's video on the Virtual Corporation I've been thinking about an IPO ("initial public offering," for the uninitiated). DASH could...
  21. GreyGhost

    Community Innitiative #2 -- Art as a Promotional Tool

    This is an idea that popped up as I was reading about Zoran's art. I will just copy / paste what I posted there (as wozzek23) and see what you guys have to say. Quote from: GhostPlayer on September 27, 2015, 09:13:12 PM ... Get this incredible sculpture for as little as 1.31 Dash... 74/256...
  22. GreyGhost

    Community Innitiative #1 -- ISO 4217 Currency Codes

    I had an extensive discussion over at the Bitcoin talk but was advised to move, and organize these discussions / ideas here. So I will try... the general idea, out of which all of this is coming is herein: "But the bottom line is this - let us discuss what we can DO instead of bickering with...
  23. GreyGhost

    Conversion of old Darkcoins to Dash?

    Help me guys for this aging n00b wasn't able to find the answer: I have Dash Core v0.11.1.26 (64-bit) that displays 0 Dash in the wallet. Now old Darkcoin Core displays correct number of Darkcoins in it. How do I convert DRK to Dash?
  24. GreyGhost

    Peter Smith, CEO of is visiting a Meetup in Berlin

    here: I am going, so if any of you guys wants to join, the bier is on me :)
  25. GreyGhost

    Darkcoin Stammtisch at the Room 77? (Kreuzberg, Berlin)

    Es tut mir leid, ladies and gentlemen of German Darkcoin subforum, aber ich spreche kein Deutsch (I am in Berlin for less than two weeks), but vertoe and the great initiative, the Darkcoin Ambassador Group made me think. Bitcoin has its meetups all over the world. Darkcoin is hard to find...
  26. GreyGhost

    Nick Szabo's Musings

    Nick Szabo, to me at the moment the most likely candidate to be real Satoshi Nakamoto (not that it matters but it is fun to speculate) wrote this about "trust-less" stuff: "A block-chain computer, in sharp contrast to a web server, is shared across many such traditional computers controlled by...
  27. GreyGhost

    Kreuzberg Sublet (off topic)

    Hi guys. This is how my Craigslist add looks like: Verantwortungsvolles, berufstaetiges Paar sucht moeblierte Wohnung mit Internet in Kreuzberg ab 3. Januar (oder spaeter) fuer 1-2 Monate (oder laenger). Wir leben zur Zeit in den USA und sind beruflich selbststaendig. Wir haben die letzten...
  28. GreyGhost


    this is a real off topic :) I am in Berlin where I'd spend several months, currently in a hotel. Is anyone here from Berlin and, perchance, knows of a sublet (1 - 2 months, most likely longer, until May or so... but it could be shorter for hotels are getting on my nerves), in Kreuzberg? If so...
  29. GreyGhost

    Date & Time Warning

    My MN wallet displays this message below and does not want to sync, always staying "2 hours behind". I travel and my computer's date and time were adjusted to the current time zone and are correct. What should I do?
  30. GreyGhost

    Wallet Not Synchronizing

    I have v0.10.15.16 Darksend disabled But, it's been locked in this stage forever (I just bought several hundred Darkcoins, otherwise I would not worried too much):
  31. GreyGhost

    GoCoin guy is on Max Keiser. They need to add Darkcoin. Who'd contact them, someone with the authority in our community. TaoOfSatoshi -- a tweet to him @GoCoinCEO and to Max @maxkeiser (and [email protected]) might be helpful. They need to be made aware of the Darkcoin's...
  32. GreyGhost

    DARKCOIN: Private e-Cash Manifesto

    DARKCOIN: Private e-Cash Manifesto Not for the faint-hearted! Sir Josiah Stamp wasn’t some bleary-eyed blogger who also said: "Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick...
  33. GreyGhost

    Increasing Confidence in Darkcoin

    After a recent huge price drop I investigated potential culprits only to find: -- Evan is NOT dumping his Darkcoins; -- key developers are NOT dumping their Darkcoins; -- biggest holders of Darkcoin are NOT dumping their Darkcoins, on the contrary, they had been BUYING as you may see @...
  34. GreyGhost

    A Sliver of Hope - Big Guys Still Buying

    I went to explore the Rich list @!rich and saw that majority of big investors on the list are still buying. We'll see. Still not happy with the developers' silence, primarily Evan's! Darkcoin is not just a software, it is an investment and, much, much more...
  35. GreyGhost

    A Little Altcoin Sanity: Darkcoin

    Nice read:
  36. GreyGhost

    An Investor's Investigation Into The Mining Statistics Of Bitcoin Alternatives and check out DarkCoin bit. Curios about it: " The following data and time stamps were collected from the Darkcoin blockchain 31). Block 1: 2014-01-19 Time: 3:54:41 Block 1000...