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  1. Coqui33

    Can I withdraw a remote masternode's collateral using a mobile wallet with its privkey?

    Can I withdraw a remote masternode's collateral using a mobile wallet loaded with the collateral's private key? I mean, without first shutting down the masternode using a local core, or without even launching a local core? I ask because I am over 80 years old, and am writing instructions for...
  2. Coqui33

    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

  3. Coqui33

    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

    Sorry. To clarify, mine is aarch64-linux
  4. Coqui33

    My posts no longer show that I am a masternode owner.

    My posts no longer show that I am a masternode owner. How can I fix this?
  5. Coqui33

    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

    Why is dash-qt missing from the bin directory?
  6. Coqui33

    v0.13 registration: two MNs, one QT core

    I have two moocowmoo-hosted MasterNodes. Both MNs are controlled from the same Ubuntu QT core. The MN's v0.13 registration will require two ProRegTx transactions (one registration transaction for each MN). Those transactions will need some newly-created addresses: owner address, payout address...
  7. Coqui33

    Proposal: Dash Electrum support and development

    Continuing a thread begun on Dashcentral... Still synchronizing. I agree that the problem could well be slow or missing servers. FYI, I am currently seeing three:,, and Perhaps when you get a chance, you might post a list of known...
  8. Coqui33

    Amanda with PMBC: Update Thread

    Thank you. You are appreciated.
  9. Coqui33

    Additional Network Layers and Governance v3

    I see no need for this proposal. Also, the ad hominem slinging that started with an irrelevant debate over open- vs. closed-source code is demeaning to this forum. Take it outside, children.
  10. Coqui33

    Dash Masternode Collective [Pre-proposal]

    Sorry, I do not see the benefit of this, in light of moocow's current service.
  11. Coqui33

    Advertising: Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

    This looks like a good idea to me.
  12. Coqui33

    Paying merchants to accept Dash

    I think it is a good idea, if someone had the determination to follow-up and make sure that only complying businesses were sent each next payment.
  13. Coqui33

    Dash Cycling Team

    You have answered my question. Thank you. You have my support.
  14. Coqui33

    Pre-Proposal - DASH Introduction & Usability in Pakistan with POS using HBPAY

    1. How many owners at the food court have you discussed this with? 2. How do most customers pay today (cash or plastic)?
  15. Coqui33

    Dash Cycling Team

    I shall vote "yes" if some sort of follow-up is planned to ensure that the promo is actually implented.
  16. Coqui33

    Congrats everyone for crossing $500, its time to get serious

    Not really. You would only have to give the app a verifiable privkey containing a single 1000-Dash transaction. The app need not keep the privkey after sending the start. Sort of how Mycelium lets you send from paper. [Later edit]: Come to think of it, that's how I use core. (1) Start core with...
  17. Coqui33

    Congrats everyone for crossing $500, its time to get serious

    My only complaint with Jaxx or Coinomi (which I use) is that I cannot send a MN "start" from either. I would jump on any app that enabled MN "start". Otherwise, I have no problem with Coinomi.
  18. Coqui33

    Contacted by FBI

    Please accept my belated approval of your declining to meet with law enforcement officers (LEOs). A half-dozen primers are required reading in LEO academies. (The most entertaining is "Arresting Communication" by Jim Glennon.) All such courses teach that leading a target to self-incrimination is...
  19. Coqui33


    Given information so far, I plan to vote "yes".
  20. Coqui33

    Pre-proposal: Introduction to Dash in Estonia

    Sounds good to me. Relatively untouched market, high potential benefit, very low cost. I shall vote "yes".
  21. Coqui33

    Pre-Proposal: "Border-Free Love" - Live action + VFX DASH Commercial, 2M Views over 6 Months.

    Using Dash for international remittances seems to be a catch-22. There will be zero demand until 3rd world recipients have an easy Dash-to-fiat off-ramp. But no entrepreneur will build a Dash-to-fiat off-ramp in [country X] unless demand already exists. Solving both ends can take years of...
  22. Coqui33

    Pre-proposal: Protecting the Network Against Flood Attack

    I agree that the decision whether to implement or not should by via a DIP. But I read the OP as suggesting MNO's voting on this proposal merely to get the opinion/preferences of the MNOs. I see no harm in finding out. I would vote "yes" just out of curiosity.
  23. Coqui33

    Jump start dash adoption by acquiring 400k users in 4 months

    This idea implicitly targets third world folks to whom $1 is significant. I shall vote "yes" if it becomes a proposal.
  24. Coqui33

    Pre-Proposal Cryptolifex (Venezuela Exchange VEF/Dash - Dash/VEF)

    I doubt very much that the Maduro government will allow this. But the benefit is so high and the cost so low, that it is worth a shot. I shall vote "yes".
  25. Coqui33

    Suggestion: A "General Discussions" where only Masternode Owners can see and post.

    May I suggest that any MNO who wants such a forum should post a thread in budget pre-proposals offering to pay for it. There are many freelance coders out there who would build it to make a profit. (I used to be one, many years ago.) Once someone makes a serious proposal, the MNOs can vote on...
  26. Coqui33

    Niche Market Trade Shows - POS Vendors

    Given state/banking opposition to crypto, I would think that the business sectors most receptive to Dash would be those already on the state/banking grey-market hit list (sex, guns, porn, drugs other than pot). Pursuing POS with businesses that are favored by state/banking powers might be an...
  27. Coqui33

    Dash Watch Pre-proposal

    Outstanding! Yes indeed.
  28. Coqui33

    Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash

    I do not understand. This proposal is to give away 1000 Dash to Huobi customers. I vote "no". But when I posted "No, not a chance", my post was deleted and I was labelled a "troll". Why would this make me a troll?
  29. Coqui33

    Dash Documentary

    I already did.
  30. Coqui33

    Suggestion: A "General Discussions" where only Masternode Owners can see and post.

    I agree. I just felt that I should at least give it a shot. I have done so. For the reasons you cite, as well as for depending on fallible manual intervention, I doubt it can serve the spirit of Dash governance -- supporting those with skin in the game while silencing those without.