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    Electrum DASH on OSX - Can't access funds after latest Trezor FW update

    Electrum DASH on OSX - Can't access funds after latest Trezor FW update Electrum DASH on OSX will no longer recognize Trezor after the latest Trezor Firmware update. The Electrum DASH developer is aware of it, but I don't know what the ETA is for a new version.
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    How to revive a masternode after spending the collateral?

    I am sure more people are in the same situation. You have a masternode or more, DASH price went up and you quickly sold your 1000 DASH that you had in the DASH core wallet as the masternode collateral. Now once DASH price goes down again, you re-buy your 1000 DASH. What is the best procedure...
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    Best procedure to move a Masternode to another server?

    I need to move my masternode to another server. Can I leave the 1000 DASH on the previous key and just set up a new server, then edit the masternode.conf file on the local computer with the IP address of the new server? (So I would be leaving the pubkey, txhash etc the same and add the pubkey...
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    Spend from specific addresses?

    Using the Dash core client it is not easy to see what key holds what amount of DASH unfortunately and I also don't know how to spend from a specific address. The situation is this: I have 1xxx DASH in the core client, 1000 DASH are in an address used for the masternode. The xxx amount must...
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    I really like DASH

    I mined Darkcoin pretty early on, so it was always my favorite coin. The new DASH brand, the logo are both really great and I think it's got a lot of potential to become more popular than Bitcoin especially because of privacy and speed. What I am looking forward to: Silver coins, like the...
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    Problems with Masternode (on rPi2)

    Hi, I followed the guide (unable to post link) to set up a MN on a new raspberry pi2. It was running fine for 2-3 days or so and then problems started after I had to shut it down to move it downstairs to my server room. Since I started it back up, everywhere I check I see that it's offline or...