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  1. thesavoyard

    An FYI about General Bytes ATM support

    Dash two-way support has been announced by General Bytes. But since the only exchange that is supported by General Bytes for Dash is Kraken and Kraken API has not functioned with General Bytes server since mid-December, Dash has 0% support from General Bytes. You cannot actually buy or sell Dash...
  2. thesavoyard

    Pre-proposal: If you build it, they will come

    TLDR; We are asking for 3 things: (please see the bottom for cost estimates and timeframes) · Funds to create custom ATM software for Genesis Satoshi 2 model, which will be open sourced and managed by the community. Operators will use it because it will save them money. ·...
  3. thesavoyard

    Custom ATM artwork vote!

    So I was inspired by the In Win 805i on how sleek and refined an infinity mirror could look. We want to draw the eye but not give the impression that digital currencies are a game or a toy. Does it add a futuristic effect to add something like this to an ATM or is it just tacky and toy like...
  4. thesavoyard

    A warning about General Bytes

    Outdated, this issue has been settled
  5. thesavoyard

    Move your BTC to Dash or another useful currency.

    This stinks of a wall street pump and dump. With no support as a currency, demand will fall on BTC once it hits the target price. They are doing a large scale pump and dump, robbing the public as usual. I'm guessing Dash is their escape route, that would explain why Dash goes up against BTC, as...
  6. thesavoyard

    What is a better reward for the community?

    So my German partners and DISAF have been in discussion. We have come up with some structures that could give a huge boost to the usability of Dash. We are under NDA and in consultation with a legal firm to build a business plan. We are discussing a Treasury proposal that would make Dash an...
  7. thesavoyard

    A proposal now costs over $3,000

    Is it time to do something? Even bigger projects would be reluctant at that price. I expect it will cost over $5,000 by January.
  8. thesavoyard

    Dash is gaining steam and it won't stop anytime soon

    One of the driving factors driving the price of Dash is the difficulty. A single D3 makes less than 0.01 Dash per day now. No one in their right mind would sell 0.01 Dash when it equals $5. Power costs almost nullify those profits. I think that the supply from miners will continue to be...
  9. thesavoyard

    Dash hot wallet and General Bytes ATM

    Hello, I'm trying to get ready to deploy my ATMs. Unfortunately, Dash is still not supported on 2-way operations. It can't even be purchased directly from an exchange. I need to set up a hot wallet to sell Dash from. Despite all the fanfare when GB launched Dash, it still isn't well supported...
  10. thesavoyard

    Dash branded ATM update thread

    A little backstory for those not familiar. In March I submitted a proposal to the treasury to install Dash brand ATMs, it includes reduces rates for Dash users, Dash logos on the exterior and usage reports to determine the volume of Dash users. The proposal was approved and we've been working...
  11. thesavoyard

    A Dash promotional bus opportunity (EU)

    I've been mulling this over for a while but I'm too busy with the ATM and vending business. Plus, I'm sure the Masternodes want to see some results from me before I submit another proposal. I decided to share this in case someone else wants to give it a shot. There's a bus for sale from a...
  12. thesavoyard

    Can x11 be made asic proof?

    Clearly we have a problem with Chinese data centers controlling Dash. They won't release their asic miners as long as they make more mining. Dash is in danger of becoming Bitcoin. Since the Dash core team has the keys to the encryption and Dash has mastered a hard fork, can GPU mining be added...
  13. thesavoyard

    Suggestion : Dash core team discretionary budget

    I am suggesting the Dash core team create a proposal to the Master-Nodes for a budget to finance worthy proposals. Until the issues involving cost can be worked out, Dash is at risk of losing valuable proposals due to the prohibitive costs. If the Dash core team could get an extra 50 or so...
  14. thesavoyard

    Distributeur automatique des Billets Dash a Lyon!

    Introduction Voter SVP gobject vote-many 5543f43e995ff36fc3c4d1c6c280c3aa4cc3bfe154604e2ffdaa55aa69460b63 funding yes Une pré-proposition pour l'installation d'un ATM Dash dans le centre-ville de Lyon. La France a un taux...
  15. thesavoyard

    A Dash brand ATM in downtown Lyon (70 Dash)

    Introduction Please vote!!! gobject vote-many 5543f43e995ff36fc3c4d1c6c280c3aa4cc3bfe154604e2ffdaa55aa69460b63 funding yes A pre-proposal to install a Dash branded ATM in Lyon city center. France has a very low adoption rate for cryptocurrencies. This leaves an opportunity to be the first...
  16. thesavoyard

    Pre-Proposal: ATMs in major French cities

    Introduction A pre-proposal to install Dash enabled ATMs in major French cities. France has a very low adoption rate for cryptocurrencies. This leaves an opportunity to be the first major accepted digital currency. One of the major barriers to Dash acceptance is fungibility. This proposal...