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    Captcha when posting to prevent spam

    Can we just implement capchta (recaptcha) when posting messages to prevent this s..tload of spam flooding the forum all the time ?
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    Idea for Venezuela remittances help

    Hi I'm currently traveling across South America, visiting friends from time to time. I met lots of Venezuelans who moved and are working abroad. One thing came to my mind when I talked with them about sending money back to Venezuela to help their families. They do it just by sending cash...
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    TenX complaints thread

    This thread is dedicated to share our experiences with TenX quality of service. Here's my story: I ordered TenX debit card on 11th of August. On 13th of September I sent an email to TenX customer service to check if my card is going to be sent before the end of September (support ticket 4640)...