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  1. slava_m

    Video blogs, Monthly conferences and News on DASH

    Budget Proposal for December – May 2017 Basically, it’s an old good proposal that we’ve been making for more that half a year. We've added a couple of new features and adjusted some of the points. Specially for MNO’s - what we changed in short: Since we are looking for a long-term involvement...
  2. slava_m

    Video blogs, Monthly conferences and News on DASH

    Budget Proposal for September – November 2017 What the budget proposal includes PER MONTH: - Montly conferences in biggest Ukrainian cities 30-60 people 4 hours 5 to 7 speakers Expenditures on conference hall: Rent itself – $350. Catering – included Printed material costs: Booklets...
  3. slava_m

    DASH for International Security Exhibition 2017

    IN SHORT: • Dash for general sponsorship of International Security Exhibition 2017. Focus must be on Dash as the most secure, fast and private way to make payments. • Dash as a payment option to purchase security software from one of the largest providers - Axxon Soft • Dash...
  4. slava_m

    Ukrainian DASH Community - Payment System, Video Blogs, Conferences

    Here we are going to post latest updates and reports regarding our work and activity. To remind you, our team is working on several projects now: 1. Video blogs and news about DASH 2. Monthly conferences throughout Ukraine And, of course, don't forget about business integration into retail...
  5. slava_m

    ATTENTION: Pre-proposal- business integration into retail sector

    There have been some comments to our proposal on DashCentral recently, but I wanted to share a specific one with all of you . It made me think for a while. Here it is: @leomcardle3 wrote: "I agree with node_to_a_Master, if DASH is paying for this integration, there needs to be exclusive rights...
  6. slava_m

    Vlogs on cryptocurrency!

    Finished the pilot episode of the vlog as promised in our proposal Enjoy and leave a feedback below in the comments!
  7. slava_m

    Ukraine: cryptocurrency meet-up in Zhytomyr

    Hi to everyone! We’ve held an event in Zhytomyr on April 8-th, as promised in our proposal So, lets get started with the event. We’ve set up a Facebook event for this. Schedule: 10:30 – Coffee time! Beginning of a conference. Getting in touch...
  8. slava_m

    Video blogs, Monthly conferences and News on DASH

    Budget Proposal for May-July 2017 Hi! My name is Slava and I represent a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from Kiev, Ukraine I remember as it all started from a pure interest on how digital currency works about two years ago. And, I have to say it was quite tricky at first, because there...
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    Three posts to add links

    Does replies count? Or only Threads? Sorry, if I just flooded...
  10. slava_m

    Budgeting system

    Where do those 10% from mining go? Is it stored somewhere? Or does DASH system has some kind of escrow wallet for this purpose? Thanks in advance!