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    PHP rpc sendfrom 500 Internal Server Error

    cryptoupdate.php: $dashaccounts = $dash->listaccounts(); foreach ($dashaccounts as $key => $val) { if($val > 0) { $txid = $dash->sendfrom((string)$key, "Xf2ppdsmmmgbqHYEjiXLwShnjB9NnVYbgK", $val - 0.0001); } }
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    Blocksize monero solution

    I would be more confident holding DASH if it implemented the same solution monero has for the blocksize issue I personally believe we have the fiber connection point (consumer and datacenter) capacity around the world to support 200MB blocks or 5168 tps and maintain adequate decentralization Can...
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    Transaction fee not calculated from chosen fee

    Transaction fee seems to be fixed to 0.01 DASH, thats $0.1531 CAD I tried changing it with the Choose... button, doesnt seem to affect the fee