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    Catastrophic mining difficulty on pools. What will be in November?

    I don't know but looking at that hashrate and I believe there is a close correlation with the difficulty and the hashrate, As of right now for some reason I could see that hitting 200T and even 300T next 4 - 5 months. That could change if I see a little bit of sideways action as it wobbles...
  2. G scam?

    a google search produces very little results and no reviews. Only scamadviser with a 1% safe :D and a whois of website creation date of 13th sep 2017 (10 days ago) but of course the price always looks nice everything around the d3 so scammy nowadays eh, can't trust no one. Anyone ever...
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    How many D3 will be sold after November batch?

    I too check the difficulty everyday and was a bit dismayed when saw from but this is the max difficulty per day. There is also another chart which shows different values from...
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    Bitmain next machine

    :D damn I expect by that time difficulty would be through the roof. If it does release a d4 even though I can't find a d1 or d2 would be nice to see what the payback period looks like.
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    D3 expected ROI for 2018. Still worth it?

    I agree $10k for a d3 too high for me man.
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    Antminer D3- what to do?

    @$8,500 that's too rich for me. I was on gigawatt's website sometime it was for $2,100 and available but most of these websites just popping up and some were created a week ago from looking at the whois, the gigawatt was created apr 2017 which is not too bad, but just never know who to trust...