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  1. jk404

    Testnet sync takes forever

    It keeps looping around X seconds behind, Y seconds behind, Z seconds behind.. What can I do?
  2. jk404

    Testnet stops responding when downloading specific block

    I have this issue 3-4 days now, and it keeps repeating itself. So I start the testnet and blocks are downloading, but when it goes to a specific block it stops responding. Can someone tell me what to do? This is the last 50 lines from my testnet3/debug.log: 2018-04-03 18:13:13...
  3. jk404

    InstantSend Double Spend in Theory vS in Practice

    I am reading the code of instantx.cpp and I am confused on how an adversary can double spend. What confuses me is the fact in my understanding, a master node is voting yes/no on "if a particular input was previously spent" without knowing who else is participating in the quorum. By this, there...
  4. jk404

    TestNet OSX app does not responding

    This happened 3 consecutive times whenever ~55K blocks were left during the first time that testnet was launched and when doing right click on the icon and clicking on force quit, when restarted kept doing the same thing. What I did was to do rm -r testnet3 and recreate it by restarting the app...
  5. jk404

    Masternodes Capabilities as network attacker

    I am confused on the capabilities that a masternode owner might have when it comes to instantSent or privateSend. 1) I want to know if is possible to setup the masternode configuration file in a way that you write code for example so that you can do anything. 2) If is possible to add customised...