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  1. Barrett Davis

    Proposal 1 - Diameter IoT Platform

    Diameter IoT payments solution for Dash We’re here to bring transactions, trust, transparency, and analytics to the Dash community! Our pitch presentation! (with audio) Here is our prezi link: prezi (no audio) Again transparency is extremely important to...
  2. Barrett Davis

    Managing multiple wallets with same Dashd Instance

    I was wondering how others are managing multiple wallets.
  3. Barrett Davis

    Testnet Issues: Header sync problem

    We've been trying to write our dApp ontop of Dash, but testnet keeps giving us a head ache! Dashd keeps dying on our containers because of a "bad peer"? 2018-04-08 18:01:17 ERROR: detected bad peer for initial headers sync, disconnecting 5478 Every time we detect a bad peer, we infinite loop...
  4. Barrett Davis

    Pre-Proposal | Diameter [IoT dashboard]

    DIAMETER - PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION – Web application Dash IoT Aggregate Metering [ work in progress ] Pre-Proposal Video Preview: (will be updating) This is our escrow proposal #1 - we will be submitting our proposal #2 which will be the rest of the project. Website: -...
  5. Barrett Davis

    Taxes for accepted Dash proposals

    Our team is about to submit a proposal and we wondering how the tax implications are for the US. Say you get 400 dash from a proposal to pay a team of 4, 100 DASH each.. the next steps to pay your team are: 1. Dash -> BTC (exchange) 2. BTC back to coinbase or gdax to USD 3. Going from BTC to...