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    Pose banned and rewards

    Hello! Does anyone know why masternode regulary keep getting Pose Banned status, I fix this with "protx register_prepare" and it works but then right before getting reward in gets Pose Banned again...and I haven't received any reward so far because of that issue..
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    Pose Banned. bad-protx-operator-payee

    Hello! I am trying to recover my node from Pose Banned to Enabled again. I try protx update_service, but output says "bad-protx-operator-payee". How can I fix that? Thank you.
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    Sign message with Ledger Nano X

    Hi! Maybe someone know how to sigh a message with Ledger Nano X? with which wallet? electrum doesn;t work for dash((
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    Dash masternode dashcore installing

    Hello! How can I know that I have dash blockchain downloaded on my server? I checked ~/.dashcore map and there is dash.cli; debud.log; dashd. But sync isn't completed.
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    Dash masternode

    Good afternoon. Please tell me what rules I need to follow when I trust another programmer to set up a node for me. Which passwords can I give him, and which not? can he see my config file?
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    Dash Core installing

    Hi! I have problem with my dash core installing. I have installed dash core v0.17.0.3/dashcore- but I cant see it when I use "top" command. And when I check status, it says: "AssetID": 1, "AssetName": "MASTERNODE_SYNC_BLOCKCHAIN", "AssetStartTime": 1653300900...