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  1. tifozi

    Development Updates - July 15th

    He announced today is his video review that he will set up an address in the near future, while he engages in the code review.
  2. tifozi

    RC3 Soft Fork

    <evan82> if anyone is using stratum and isn't getting blocks tell them to pull from the repo
  3. tifozi

    Updated Pools running (Paying Masternode Payments) updated
  4. tifozi

    RC3 Soft Fork

    Suchpool's first MN payout block
  5. tifozi

    RC3 Soft Fork

    2 minutes ago06/25 23:35:0091830 [1][2]3819.8745pool_unknown_11XdTMNY6xAKGqV3GCDbsvGU3wbQ81ZSCzhh : 0.500000[1][2]-
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    RC3 Soft Fork

    Suchpool updated and has 19 GH. Should be soonish payout.
  7. tifozi

    RC3 Soft Fork

    Talked to CryptoSiD, he will be updating Suchpool in the next 30 mins. That will definitely help MN payments.
  8. tifozi

    RC3 Soft Fork

    Actually able to access by direct block height and hashes, so it is working. Another payment :) and more...
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    RC3 Soft Fork

    Explorers need to get updated with the new darkcoind. Tail your debug log to see those for the time being.
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    v0.10.11.x RC3 Prelaunch Testing
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    RC3 Soft Fork

  12. tifozi

    RC3 Relaunch Strategy and Testing

    Indeed. Sounds like a great plan.
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    v0.10.9.x Help test RC2 forking issues

    I am aware of the test room and I am there. I meant more in terms of a separate private room with representation from pool ops and exchanges.
  14. tifozi

    v0.10.9.x Help test RC2 forking issues

    Team, Should we request key personnel from pools and exchanges to be there in a private IRC room with us during hard fork? This should be as important to them as it is to anyone not mining or trading. Typically collaboration like that is not expected and it is their prerogative to participate...
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    Android Wallet

    Thanks for the app. Is it possible to update the DRK icon, it still shows the old one.
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    The Wall Observer Thread DRK/BTC - Price Tracking and Discussion

    Let's get this started. More to come .....