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  1. FreeOne

    Any way to get the Current DIFF in PHP...

    Any API to get the current difficulty / network hashrate, etc,etc of Darkcoin? Looked around for a website with an API but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance...
  2. FreeOne

    DGW Time Warp Exploit???

    Is this an April Fools Joke? Seems real to me.
  3. FreeOne

    I tweaked the Litecoin Logo

  4. FreeOne

    Anyone else thinking of buying up some more GPU's?

    Since you can probably get a good deal on them if people are panic selling them to buy ASIC's. I think there are a couple of viable GPU coins for the next few years, and if I can get them at a discount... I might go for it. I guess it depends how long they've been used for.
  5. FreeOne


    Just a word of warning. I've been reading the IRC at CR and it's not looking good. Don't use it. It appears to be insolvent. And users have lost about 1200 BTC in total. If you have coins in it, get them out however you can, some withdrawls are blocked, BTC, LTC, and AUR and some others I...