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  1. Sapereaude

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Dashdesk/Dashcharts/Dashtasks

    Outline In order to accelerate Dash adoption several new website are required namely a Dashdesk devoted dash news site. A dedicated Dash only charting services with all dash exchanges included and a Dashtask website where people can provided services in exchange for dash. These website are...
  2. Sapereaude

    Supposed 450,000 Dash/Embezzled from Cryptsy?

    Been watching these coins for like like 18months (enviously I might add :p), they have been systematically sold off every month at crypsty. More being sold off whenever dash spikes up, but if you follow the coins all the way down you see them dwindle to below 30k which is when I stopped paying...
  3. Sapereaude

    Update 01/12/15: Bitcointalk health status - 33% Infection

    Results 05/10/15 - Check lower for latest results Top 25 posters on bitcointalk toknormal 133 qwizzie 123 Mangled Blue 122 TanteStefana2 73 tungfa 70 TaoOfSaatoshi 67 smoothie 59 Solarminer 50 Sub-Ether 49 eduffield 42 GhostPlayer 38 AdamWhite 35 kointrend 34 Minotaur26 32 splawik21 31...
  4. Sapereaude

    Budget Proposal - Breaking DS

    Floating the idea that in the next budget we should begin allocating a bounty for Breaking Darksend?
  5. Sapereaude

    DS, GUI, Joe average and Adoption

    -Reposting this because I believe it merits being pointed out- There is a problem due to the way darksend works and how GUI is set up (namely that it is displayed as a %). So because darksend breaks up the amount you want to anon and then finds partners to mix with, this means when you...
  6. Sapereaude

    Wallet too big?

    I've been doing a lot of darksend lately and my wallet has just hit 4mb, so I am wondering if I should just send it all to a new wallet now or at what size should I consider moving to a new wallet?
  7. Sapereaude

    50 Dark Bounty for Masternode Guide Update

    Offering a 50 Darkcoin Bounty : ) for an update to Tao's brilliant Masternode for dumies guide, to include the the new config file for setting up multiple master nodes from the same wallet and instructions informing them how to withdraw profits without stuffing up the node. Cheers, Sapereaude
  8. Sapereaude

    Drk for Laughts!

    Since it has been crazy few weeks for Darkcoin I have decided that a bit of amusement is in order. So I will give 1 Drk to the first 10 people who make me laugh or chuckle at a joke/image they post in this thread. Why so Dark? : D Remaining Prizes: 8
  9. Sapereaude

    {Tłumaczenie} Początki Darkcoin, Eddufield

    {wybaczcie mi, ale dawno po polsku nie pisałem} To jest opowieść o tym jak Darkcoin powstał. Ostatnio społeczność tutaj zrosła dużo ale wiele osób nie znają w ogóle początkowej historii tej monety. Jestem pewien po czytaniu tej całą historię zobaczycie ze powinienem zrobic wszystko zupełnie...
  10. Sapereaude

    Masternode Master's Club?

    It's a bit early for me, but I was wondering if we should perhaps set up a masternode owners sub?