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  1. S_Uber

    not capable masternode: Could not connect to

    Getting this error after I upgraded masternode and PC client to Worked perfectly on previous versions, not sure if I've done something wrong. Can anyone offer some advice?
  2. S_Uber

    Masternode 10.15.13 update problem

    Greetings, I am having issues updating my masternode. I downloaded but when I run darkcoind it says "Error: cannot obtain lock on data directory /home/ubuntu/.darkcoin. Darkcoin is probably already running." But if I use darkcoind stop, it says "error, couldn't connect to server"...
  3. S_Uber

    Deleted wallet on Ubuntu VM

    I have made a grave error. Got the MN set up on a EC2 Server. Then used Virtualbox to install ubuntu for cold wallet host. Installed darkcoin but noticed it was version 91001, so backed up wallet to Documents, and removed the directories. Downloaded new version and wanted to restore backup...
  4. S_Uber

    Help with setting up MN

    Hi, could someone please help me with this MN thing? I decided that since the cold wallet method is possible, that I would like to set up a masternode. I followed President Chaeplin's guide and did everything except for uploading the wallet over with scp. when i do "darkcoind getinfo" I get...