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  1. AgnewPickens

    I think Dash needs some changes

    You've been warned before about off-topic comments on posts, the OP filed a report on that comment, stay on topic, it is simple as that.
  2. AgnewPickens

    I think Dash needs some changes

    I don't necessarily believe it is DCG's job, nor mission to market Dash, I would however see Dash Marketing Hub streamline its approval process, with Dash Direct MC on indeifinite suspension, they should have had something else in the pipeline ready to for a Brave campaign. I am talking about...
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    Dash Platform Team Sprint Reviews

    Live in 18 hours:
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    Wordpress developer - DCG is hiring!

    Is this position still open?
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    Dash Core Group Q4 2021 Quarterly Call - 3 February 2022

    We're still waiting on a stable release candidate for V18, then there is V19 which is being worked on at the same time, may not be til mid 2023. Early 2023 at best.
  6. AgnewPickens

    New DCG Interim CEO: Patrick Quinn

    The TPs have not even been confirmed yet last I heard, we don't need another delay in the confirmation process, a voluntary position does NOT compromise the Trust, if he is affirmed as permanent CEO, I expect he will step down then, we don't need any more delays in network processes right now in...
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    Well, to be frank, with Platform so far off in the future, a security audit can wait, we need to make sure Dashcore is fully audited, in a market like this DCG needs to be nimble and pivot resources where they are most needed. glad to also see they are not sticking to the 60% ask of Treasury and...
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    I have deleted a few of his comments @kot - but some were on topic, I hope that cleans things up for you a bit. If you have a problem with him or another member like this, please do not file multiple reports again, I can barely stay on top of all the spam and sock traffic we get here on the...
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    Any one with dash future prediction ?

    Most probably, yes.
  10. AgnewPickens

    DCG Q1 2022 Results

    One thing that is good about DCG having paid taxes last year is that we should be seeing DCG getting tax credits this year on its losses.
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    two or more masternodes collateral with trezor?

    Forwarded to Discord help desk, also, email [email protected]
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    You'll get used to Demo (Vazaki) and his rhetorical style, he has been a fixture on the Forum for years, Tungfa used to kick him off the Forum until I became a Moderator, he has a reason to be suspect of Dash Core Group, but hopefully we are turning a corner as a network.
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    Taxi toppers report: Miami

    Relieved that there were no extra costs incurred by DCG for the Austin campaign.
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    DIF - Latest Blog on Activities
  15. AgnewPickens

    DCG Q1 2022 Results

    REITs, how much exposure does DCG have to them, we are on the verge of a housing collapse?
  16. AgnewPickens

    Taxi toppers report: Miami

    Can we get an answer for the Austin Car Topper Campaign? Was it part of the total spent, or not?
  17. AgnewPickens

    DCG Q1 2022 Results

    I know you had a long stay at Consensus, just wanted to clarify, I know the equities markets are in a bear market. How does that affect DCG's compensation reserves, we have had a string of ugly days in US equities.
  18. AgnewPickens

    DCG Q1 2022 Results

    Why was that not reported as an exchange loss? This is reported as a loss in the USD holdings. I mean, if you sold Dash even at a lower market price, the USD balance sheet should've still gone up.
  19. AgnewPickens

    DCG Q1 2022 Results

    What was the 69K in losses in USD related holdings from? Elon would be interested to know, I expect, as well, he likes that number.
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    DashDirect Virtual Visa/MC Proposal Updates

    I'll let Marshall reply fully to your inquiry, but the Mastecard program was suspended by DashDirect's banking partner.
  21. AgnewPickens

    Dash Price Discussion and Dash Shortterm/Longterm Price Trend Speculation

    Dash has seen MN count rise +27 over the last 3 days. Somebody is buying this price range.
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    I need the Dash Electrum Wallet installation file for Windows or Mac to recover my Dash

    The seed can be imported into Dashcore, but I'm not sure what the process is, have reposted this question in our Discord help desk channel. Electrum is no longer being funded, the team was based in Ukraine.
  23. AgnewPickens

    Will Dash be attending the most important political event in the U.S. this year?

    Biden is not a good selling card, go to talk to Ron Desantis, Governor of Florida, likely next U S President.
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    Taxi toppers report: Miami

    Wasn't there also an Austin TX car topper campaign? Is this included as part of these totals?
  25. AgnewPickens

    Taxi toppers report: Miami

    I know this wasn't your inititative @ErnestoContrerasLatAm and thanks for providing a report, but this kind of marketing is not going to work for Dash.
  26. AgnewPickens

    Taxi toppers report: Miami

    My suggestion is that we not do shotgun marketing, but direct marketing, I have already reached out to Valkyrie about coordinating a targeted direct mail campaign with them. You won't get accredited investors to sign up from car toppers.
  27. AgnewPickens

    Taxi toppers report: Miami

    "Top of the marketing funnel" for awareness advertising might have made sense when Dash was $1000, but awareness campaigns are a total waste at Dash' marketing budget, we need conversions, direct marketing, not shoot $60K+ at one small campiagn and have nothing to show for it.
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    DCG Biz Dev Report for Jan-Apr 2022 - Reddit Q&A
  29. AgnewPickens

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Sponsors Pro Football/Soccer Team In Portugal

    Have you reached out to the Dash Investment Foundation? For an ask this large, as a voter, I suggest talking to them first.
  30. AgnewPickens Forums

    The Forum acts more like a library for than anything else.
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    The stupidity of those who claim that by lowering the proposal fee spam will occur.

    Moving over DTP and DIF elections to the Treasury would allow candidates to ask for a Dash salary for a set period, we need to start paying our staff if we want positive results.
  32. AgnewPickens

    I would like some more info why Chris Hough left.

    The only thing I know about Chris Hough's departure is that he resigned, he wasn't fired. DCG is yet to release any officlal statements on any of the recent departures.
  33. AgnewPickens

    the ongoing security breach at must end now by Amanda B. Johnson

    Amanda's article is inflammatory, inaccurate, and affects Mark Mason's professional standing with the community. A lawyer would have a strong libel case against Amanda for this hit piece. She needs to issue a retraction.