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    iBeLink™ DM22G ASIC Dash Miner Support Thread

    What difficulty are you guys running on P2Pools? I've set mine to 10, but I'm getting more load on my node than I'd like, so i'm playing around with keeping it at dynamic difficulty, and it's getting ~500.
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    P2Pool Setup help

    Hello, I've recently set up a P2Pool node. I'm running a few DM22G's, and my VM is starting to reach it's limits as far as CPU power can handle. Initially, we set up with wallet_address/0+1, but this cranked the VM to 100%+ usage all the time, so we changed all of them to /0+20. We've tried to...
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    iBeLink™ DM11G ASIC Dash Miner Support Thread

    Are any command-line tools available? I've got a farm of 100 DM22Gs that I'd like to add pools to with a script. Is an interface available?